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Among Us

Game-breaking Among Us invisibility glitch is ruining lobbies

Published: 26/Oct/2020 12:01

by Georgina Smith


A crazy glitch in Among Us that allows the impostor to become invisible has proven to be a crucially unfair advantage to whoever is tasked with picking off the crewmates aboard the ship.

The success of the social deduction game Among Us has certainly been unexpected. With a quiet reaction to the indie game’s original release in 2018, no one could have anticipated that it would explode in popularity seemingly out of nowhere two years later in 2020.

In order to win, crewmates must complete all their tasks and avoid getting brutally murdered by the impostor, whose goal is to sabotage the cremates’ mission and kill them off one by one.

Naturally as the game has surged in popularity, people have been speculating over which features they would love to see in a future update. However, some have taken matters into their own hands by exploiting glitches, or even hacking, to try new things in the game, which the team at InnerSloth had to push out an emergency update for.

Among Us imposter
The Imposter has a variety of creative ways to murder their fellow players.

Many of glitches that have emerged have been relatively harmless, such as the ability to get your pet to walk along the inside of the walls. It’s the kind of thing that has little impact on gameplay, but is fun for people to try out.

But one glitch that has proven to be a distinctly unfair advantage for impostors has been the invisibility glitch. This allows people, when playing as the impostor, to time venting in a way that allows them to explore the ship completely unseen.

How the Among Us invisibility glitch works

As A+Start on YouTube explains, in order to activate the glitch in a public lobby, the impostor needs to vent as soon as an emergency meeting is called, or a body is found.

Topic begins at 1:12

If timed correctly, when the meeting ends you will still be able to see your sprite, but none of the other players will be able to see you, rendering you invisible. The invisibility ends as soon as you kill someone.

This, of course, has endless implications for the fairness of the game, essentially allowing imposters to pick off lone crewmates without them having a chance to avoid it. While it might be a lot of fun for whoever’s lucky enough to be the impostor, it’s not so fun for those crewmates who are without their own advantage.

It’s likely that this glitch and other glitches that heavily impact lobbies will be corrected in an upcoming update, but it has some people hoping for an ‘invisibility bomb’ type feature in the near future.

Among Us

Among Us in first-person with realistic graphics looks awesome to play

Published: 11/Nov/2020 17:56

by Tanner Pierce


While the extremely popular multiplayer game Among Us is known for its simple gameplay and cartoony design, one YouTuber named Fat Dino has recreated the title in Unreal Engine on PC, and the graphics are absolutely insane.

Among Us has a very unique art style. While the gameplay in-and-of-itself is fun, its cartoony design is extremely recognizable, with most gamers more than likely being able to identify it very easily by just seeing one of the character models.

But what if you could play the hit multiplayer game with some incredibly realistic graphics and a first-person perspective to match?

One YouTuber, named Fat Dino, shows off what that could possibly be like in a brand new video. In fact, he’s recreated a significant portion Skeld map from Among Us with Unreal Engine on PC.

Innersloth/Fat Dino
YouTuber Fat Dino has recreated Among Us in Unreal Engine and its gorgeous.

Fat Dino used a free sci-fi model pack on the Unreal Engine marketplace in order to help recreate the map, while the astronaut suits and character models were seemingly made from scratch.

The result is absolutely incredible. Not only does the game look insanely realistic with its new graphics and perspective change, but it ends up keeping the core concept of Among Us intact.

In addition to explaining how he created the game, Fat Dino also showed off some raw multiplayer gameplay from the project. One of the more hilarious moments comes when he’s playing as the imposter and kills another player. Rather than having a whole animation, it seems like the character simply gets cut in half and falls to the ground without any fanfare.

All in all, this recreation is insanely impressive and, aside from the right hand side of the map, seems to be a perfect 1-to-1 recreation of the Skeld map from Among Us.

Right now, the game isn’t available to download. According to Fat Dino, this is due to the fact that not only would he have to host a dedicated server for it but it’s also not legal. Even though they seem like a chill team, it’s easy to see the developers at Innersloth not liking this very much, as it’s basically just a recreation of their title with a different perspective and texture pack.

Here’s hoping, however, that fans are able to get their hands on this recreation in some way because it would be a shame if it never saw the light of day.