Among Us October update adds anonymous voting option

Bill Cooney
Among Us Oct Update

The October Among Us update went live over the weekend, allowing players to vote anonymously, try out new Halloween cosmetics, and more.

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Innersloth’s surprise hit first became playable in 2018, but 99% of the people playing now had no idea it existed until every streamer and their grandma started playing in 2020.

Compared to games like Overwatch or Call of Duty, the hit murder-mystery party game doesn’t exactly have too many different variables that devs can tweak and adjust.

That being said, the October patch did include a fairly significant update by Among Us standards – the ability cast your vote without anyone knowing who you voted for.

Among Us voting
Before the update, Among Us would tell everyone else who you voted for.

Players can now choose to vote completely anonymously, which will definitely add an extra layer of espionage and paranoia to the group discussions when you’re trying to eject the true imposter out of the airlock.

The anonymous option should appear along with the familiar voting options on the same screen, so you can choose whether or not you want everyone to know you have a vendetta against Green who has been acting super sus lately.

Developers also added new Task Bar options, which give players the option to toggle it on at all times,  just during meetings, or never, if you so desire. This might help with focusing more on what others are doing rather than your task progress, but it also might be a bit tricky for newer players to get used to.

Among Us Halloween hats
Among Us now has plenty of spooky hats for the season.

Finally, the biggest part of the update has to be the spooky new hats added to the pre-game customization options for Halloween. For those who are still unaware of how to change hats or colors, simply walk up and click on the laptop in the pre-game lobby, and the cosmetic gallery should pop up.