Try Guys reveal Ned Fulmer drama cost “millions” amid 2nd Try launch

Dylan Horetski
zach kornfeld

Try Guys Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld revealed in an interview with Anthony Padilla that the viral drama with former member Ned Fulmer caused them to lose millions of dollars in brand deals — and prompted the creation of the group’s 2nd Try subscription service.

Back in September 2022, Try Guys co-founder Ned Fulmer was removed from the YouTube group after allegations of him cheating on his wife with an employee went viral on social media.

The remaining members of the Try Guys addressed the situation in a video shortly after the incident, revealing that they had no idea what was going on at the time and were saddened by the news.

Over a year later, the group revealed the launch of 2nd Try, their new subscription service where fans can pay a set amount of money for exclusive content — most of which will not be available on YouTube.

Viewers wondered what made them want to launch a subscription service, and Keith and Zach gave some insight into the decision in an interview with Anthony Padilla.

In the interview, the Try Guys revealed the Ned Fulmer drama made them realize everything they had built their business on was “fundamentally broken” and “not built for sustainability.”

“Being YouTubers, you are reliant on advertisers,” Zach said. “When we went through [the Ned Fulmer drama], it changed how our channel was surfaced. It chased advertisers away because we were too hot. We lost millions in brand deals. It sent our company into a tailspin. f this can happen, it means that this is not sustainable.”

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Alongside the launch of 2nd Try, they revealed that Eugene Lee Yang was officially departing from the decade-old group.

He released a video addressing the situation on May 23 and explained that his busy schedule was preventing him from filming with the group regularly.

On top of that, Eugene is in the process of creating a feature film — becoming the latest major YouTube name to start work on one.

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