The Try Guys explain how Ned Fulmer drama helped improved their company

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The Try Guys members Keith Habersberger & Zach Kornfeld explained to Youtubers Colin and Samir how the controversy surrounding Ned Fulmer helped improve their company.

Back in September 2022, the Youtube group “The Try Guys” dismissed member Ned Fulmer from the collective after allegations that he cheated on his wife.

They addressed the controversy just weeks later, but since have stayed silent regarding the situation, presumably focusing on keeping their channel and employees running smoothly.

During an interview with Youtubers Colin and Samir on May 30, Keith Habersberger & Zach Kornfeld explained how the drama helped improve their company.

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How drama surrounding Ned Fulmer helped improve The Try Guys

“Long story short, I think now we are finding our company in a much healthier place,” explained Zach.

He went on to explain that he thinks the controversy brought the whole team together and allowed them to reevaluate what they want to focus their energy on.

Zach added: “And to shape the company and our image to be less driven by short-term goals and recommit to our audience and what we care about. We’re not in our viral phase, we’re in our cultivation phase.”

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(Topic starts at 11:31 in the video)

Since creating their channel back in 2018, The Try Guys have amassed over two billion views across all of their videos.

On top of the three members of the group, they employ 17 other people to help record, edit, and do various other things surrounding the company according to their Youtube channel.

Ned hasn’t been seen around the internet since the controversy unfolded, with his last post on Twitter being his final message to fans.

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