MrBeast thinks video with Ibai Llanos is the “greatest” he’s ever made

Dylan Horetski
MrBeast Ibai Llanos

MrBeast revealed that he filmed a video with Spanish Twitch Star Ibai Llanos and says it might be the “greatest” video he’s ever made.

Over the last few years, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has collaborated with dozens of big-name influencers and celebrities like Ludwig, Pete Davidson, and more.

After mentioning to Twitch star Ibai Llanos that he wants to collaborate with the Spanish influencer in early 2024, the two confirmed on June 5, 2024, that they had just finished filming said video.

“Back in Mexico. We have finished recording the Mr.Beast video. I can not say anything. I’ll just say that I love you Rubius, SpreenDMC [and] ElAlexQuackity,” Ibai said.

It’s unknown whether or not Rubius, Spreen, and Quackity are in the video or not — so we’ll have to wait to see why Ibai has mentioned them directly.

MrBeast hopped in the replies to comment on the video as well, saying it might be the “greatest” video he’s ever made.

Fans quickly took to the replies with excitement, with many eager to see what Jimmy is going to cook up for his video alongside Ibai.

Rubius shared his excitement for the video on Twitter as well, leading MrBeast to leak the release date of July 13, 2024.

July 13, 2024, is the same day as Ibai’s iconic boxing event “La Velada Del Ano 4,” and fans are excited to see how the video may integrate with the event.

Donaldson’s videos have continued to grow in popularity over the first half of 2024. Videos like the ages 1-100 battle for $500k created a plethora of viral clips and even got thousands of people talking about one of the contestants on social media.

In May 2024, MrBeast also revealed his Beast Games competition where people can enter to compete for a $5M grand prize.

Thanks to all of his popularity over the years, MrBeast finally surpassed Indian record label T-Series as YouTube’s most-subscribed channel on June 1, 2024. Jimmy’s channel has continued to grow in the days since, and MrBeast is sitting at over 272M subs at the time of writing.

MrBeast received over 2M subscribers on the last day of his race to the top, making it the biggest day he’s had on YouTube since initially skyrocketing in popularity.