MrBeast gifts Ludwig a full YouTube video that cost him $1 million to make

Brad Norton
Ludwig and MrBeast

Rather than scrapping a YouTube video that cost a full $1 million to produce, MrBeast instead decided to give the entire project to Ludwig for him to upload free of charge.

When it comes to MrBeast’s output, almost every video that goes live on his main YouTube channel becomes a viral hit. From building Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to the unforgettable Squid Game in real-life video, his large-scale productions are almost always met with success.

While he’s now in the history books as the second individual YouTuber to reach 100 million subscribers on the platform, that’s not to say that everything he touches turns to gold. In fact, a new collaboration with fellow social media star Ludwig has revealed quite the opposite.

A project titled: “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It” was filmed in North Carolina recently. This was intended to be another hit for MrBeast’s own channel. However, fans won’t find it anywhere on his account. Instead, the full project has now been uploaded through Ludwig’s YouTube channel.

“I spent over $1m filming this video but didn’t like how it turned out,” MrBeast revealed in the brief introduction. Rather than completely scrapping the edit and moving on, he decided to essentially gift it to another popular YouTuber in Ludwig.

“I can’t believe I scammed MrBeast into giving me a free video,” Ludwig joked in the video’s description. That means all advertising revenue, all subscriber gains, and all additional clout is now Ludwig’s and Ludwig’s alone, despite it not being his video.

MrBeast’s reasoning is because “[Ludwig] flew to North Carolina” to be a part of this massive production. Thus, he felt it was right to let him promote it instead.

After a few seconds with Ludwig on screen at the very beginning, the rest of the near-12-minute upload is exactly what you would expect from any given MrBeast video. The editing, the thumbnail, the high stakes of a $100,000 challenge, it’s a MrBeast upload through and through.

Making his predictions during an earlier livestream, Ludwig believes the video will go on to reach “2-3 million views in 24 hours” before soaring to “14 million” in its first month.