MrBeast sends message to Indian fans in quest to become most-subbed YouTube channel

mrbeast-message-indian-fans-tseries-youtube-warInstagram: mrbeast

MrBeast sent a message to his Indian fans amid his ongoing battle with T-Series in his bid to become YouTube’s most-subscribed channel.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the most famous influencers on the net thanks to his big-budget videos, over-the-top challenges, and viral philanthropic projects.

Best known for his YouTube empire, MrBeast boasts a whopping 211 million total subscribers on his main channel alone — not counting his other channels like MrBeast Gaming (39.9 M) and MrBeast En Espanol (24.9 M).

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MrBeast famously surpassed PewDiePie in late 2022, marking a huge shift on the platform, as PewDiePie had been the undisputed ‘king’ of YouTube for years… until he was overtaken by T-Series in 2019.

mrbeast holding phone to camera in white and yellow shirtYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast is YouTube’s most subscribed independent creator – but there’s still one channel in the way of his ultimate goal.

After beating out PewDiePie, MrBeast jokingly vowed “revenge” against T-Series, an Indian music label that currently boasts over 253 million subscribers. The channel is the only thing standing between MrBeast and YouTube supremacy — and he’s hellbent on getting to the top.

MrBeast sends message to Indian fans amid YouTube race with T-Series

However, he’s making sure that his Indian fans aren’t feeling called out by his ongoing battle with the label. The YouTuber sent out a message to his Indian viewers in a post on Twitter/X, saying that he’s merely trying to become the site’s number one most-subscribed channel.

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“With the upcoming sub race with T-Series, I just want to make clear I love my fans from India and this has nothing to do with countries,” he wrote. “I just want to be #1 most subscribed, haha.”

Fans seem to be on MrBeast’s side, with many referencing his aim to get “revenge” for PewDiePie after Donaldson went to bat for PewDiePie in his war against T-Series years ago — even going so far as to publicly promote Pewd’s channel at the Super Bowl in 2019.

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YouTube isn’t the only platform MrBeast has been dominating recently. In fact, MrBeast got a major leg up in TikTok’s rankings earlier this month, beating out Addison Rae to become the site’s fourth most-followed creator.

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