Moistcr1tikal slams creators “harassing” the elderly for prank content

Meera Jacka

Charles ‘Moistcr1tikal’ White Jr. has called out content creators who post “prank” videos that ultimately see them “harassing” the elderly.

Prank videos have frequently been used to boost a creator’s popularity and see them go viral on social media, with users drawn toward funny content. However, some “pranks” can go too far.

Best known for his commentary videos critiquing internet culture, YouTuber and streamer Moistcr1tikal is no stranger to exposing behavior he deems inappropriate. Now, he’s targeting those who post “harassing old people pranks,” labeling the practice as “horrible.”

Taking to YouTube, Moistcr1tikal introduced himself as “the number one hater of harassment pranksters,” calling them “putrid worms” who have infested social media, notably TikTok.

He described the nature of these pranks as consisting of creators “trying to start confrontation with strangers for no reason” in hopes of gaining traction online and increasing their views.

“It’s so f****** embarrassing,” Moistcr1tikal said, specifically slamming those who targeted the elderly for their pranks. “No one’s going to even find that humorous… you just look like a huge a****** and you’re providing nothing of entertainment here.”

He questioned how the creators behind these pranks didn’t feel “shame,” baffled by their intent to “make some people’s lives a little less pleasant” just so that they could be a “huge f****** nuisance and a big inconvenience.”

“It seems to be like old people [are] that main demographic that gets targeted by these public nuisance pranksters,” Moistcr1tikal said. He theorized that “they’re not going to do this to someone that’s actually going to beat their ass” and therefore “feel more confident” picking on the elderly.

“It’s such a pathetic thing to do for some internet brownie points. Is there anything more shameful?”

And viewers evidently agreed with Moistcr1tikal’s assessment of the controversial content, taking to the comments to share their thoughts on these types of “pranks.”

“These types of people just call themselves pranksters as an ineffective excuse to be insufferable bastards,” one person wrote, with others agreeing “this behavior should be a crime.”

Another user said, “I don’t even know why people do this. Pranks used to be jokes that everyone could laugh at, even the person who got pranked! Now pranks are stupid people being assholes or [committing] literal crimes!”