Man City fans demand IShowSpeed end stream after cheering for Real Madrid

Michael Gwilliam
ishowspeed cheering for real madrid at man city

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed was in England to support Real Madrid in their UEFA Champions League match against Man City, but faced the wrath of home team supporters.

IShowSpeed is a huge football fan and despite his favorite player Ronaldo no longer playing for Real Madrid, the YouTube has remained loyal to his previous club.

On April 17, Speed was in attendance for the second look of Real Madrid’s match against Man City and streamed live from the stands.

In the 12th minute, Speed popped in excitement when Rodrygo scored to take a 4-3 aggregate lead, upsetting Man City supporters who demanded he sit down.

“Sit down? They scored!” a confused Speed exclaimed. “They’re telling me to sit down when they scored? What? Let’s go Rodrygo!”

Speed’s defiance appeared to anger others, as someone off-screen approached the YouTuber telling him not to cheer for the opposition and only root for City – something he then did ironically.

Despite now rallying the home team, Speed was then informed that he couldn’t be live from the stadium and had no choice but to end his broadcast.

“I’m ending it right now,” he said as the man rushed the content creator to hurry up. “Alright chat, I can’t go live. I can’t show my face? I have to end stream. I really don’t want to end stream, but…”

Unfortunately for Man City fans, Speed kept the YouTube stream live, saying that it would make “no sense” for them to kick him out of the stadium for being a fan of the team they’re playing.

That said, Speed made it clear he wasn’t there to troll City fans and at the time of posting, he was able to continue to watch and stream the football match without any additional issues.

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