Wuthering Waves 1.2 update will include highly requested Waveplate energy QoL feature

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Jue from Wuthering Waves

The Wuthering Waves Version 1.2 update will include one highly requested Quality of Life feature for Waveplate energy, which is bound to make farming a lot easier.

Ever since the release of Wuthering Waves, fans have complained that farming is extremely costly due to the high Waveplate requirements. A Tacet Discord field or weekly boss challenge costs 60 Waveplates for one run, while Forgery challenges require 40 each, which means the maximum daily cap of 240 feels overly restricting.

Thankfully, leakers have confirmed that Kuro Games could be introducing the brand new Crystalline Element that will store Waveplate energy once the daily cap is full in Version 1.2. In other words, once the usual Waveplate cap of 240 has been reached, the Crystalline Element will start storing energy, allowing players to go over that limit.

The storage rate will be 1 every 12 minutes, which means 120 in 24 hours. This is half the total amount of Waveplate energy, which recovers 1 every 6 minutes up to 240 per day. However, the Crystalline Element will only start storing when the initial Waveplate cap is reached.

A screenshot of Jue in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves will introduce reserve energy system in version 1.2.

This system will make farming a lot easier, as players will be able to use the extra energy during urgent times. For example, when new characters are released and players are forced to use hard-earned Astrite after running out of Waveplate energy.

This is because the rewards from every Tacet Discord or Forgery Challenge run aren’t great. This makes farming resources tedious and time-consuming, so players are currently forced to wait for several days before a character is ready and leveled-up.

As of Version 1.2, that problem is solved, as will be able to cash out on the stored Crystalline Element. Additionally, if you miss one day of farming, Waveplate energy is no longer lost forever, but rather stored for later use. This feature also exists in Honkai Star Rail, though the recharge rate in that game is 33% per day, as opposed to 50% in Wuthering Waves.

This recharge rate is based on the early version of the Crystalline Element in the Version 1.2 beta. The developers may make further changes to it in the final version, depending on player feedback.

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