WoW Shadowlands fans slam 9.2 dual Legendary requirements: “Blizzard haven’t listened”

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WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2 adds the upcoming Zerith Mortis zone to the game, but it turns out you’ll have to be pretty friendly with its Enlightened faction in order to wield two Legendary items at once.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ patch 9.2, aptly entitled ‘Eternity’s End,’ brings the ongoing conflict to a close and pits players against the might of the ominous Jailor.

Additionally, it will add the heavenly Zerith Mortis to the game, a haven for the First Ones who created both the Shadowlands and Azeroth. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, it seems like this sanctuary is the next stop on the Jailor’s world domination hitlist.

In order to take down the entity behind all things evil, players will have the opportunity to wield two Legendary items at once – but only if they fulfill some pretty difficult requirements first.

world of warcraft wow shadowlands 9.2 zerith mortis jailerBlizzard Entertainment
At the heart of Zerith Mortis lies the Jailer, but will you be able to end his reign of terror?

WoW Shadowlands 9.2: Dual Legendaries requirements

While wielding dual Legendary items sounds like a great idea on paper, it seems like Blizzard have implemented quite a few hoops to jump through in order to gain access to the feature.

As per the 9.2 PTR, players will have to acquire either the Cinch of Unity Runecarving Power or a Legendary Belt which can be purchased in Zerith Mortis.

However, as you can imagine, you can’t just throw gold at these items. Instead, you’ll have to reach Revered Reputation with The Enlightened, Mortis’ faction, and then fork out 500 and 2,500 Cosmic Flux respectively to buy each item.

Reaching Revered (the second-highest reputation in the chain) requires an insane amount of grinding Reputation Quests to earn points, meaning that getting a double Legendary will be incredibly difficult.

wow shadowlands 9.2 eternity's end zerith mortis zoneBlizzard Entertainment
Zerith Mortis looks stunning, but these requirements really aren’t.

WoW players slam double Legendaries system

In a Reddit thread dedicated to the issue, players have condemned the requirements for being far too high.

“Why not unlock it by… You know… Finishing the questline?” asks one, while another seethes “the decisions in 9.2 are proof [Blizzard] haven’t listened or changed.”

Replying to a comment stating that dual Legendaries are so hard to get “so you stay subbed for 2 months instead of one,” another player claims “that’s the fundamental flaw I think they just don’t realize. When something is too tedious, I don’t spend twice as long on it, like they want me to. I spend zero time on it and play other games.”

As this is still just a PTR change, it’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard adapt the system before it goes live in response to player feedback. While we’ve seen the devs adapt game systems following fan criticism in the past, they’ve been relatively slow in doing so.

For the sake of the Shadowlands, though, they may have to implement this adjustment pretty quickly.