First Look at new WoW Zerith Mortis mounts in patch 9.2

Bill Cooney

WoW players have gotten their first look at the brand new Aurelid mounts coming to Zerith Mortis in patch 9.2.

The next major World of Warcraft patch, 9.2, will be the final major content update for Shadowlands.

Along with the brand new questing zone Zerith Mortis, there will also be an all new mount type called Aurelids.

WoW Shadowlands Aurelid mount colors

WoW Aurelid mount
The Cryptic Aurelid is a bronze and silver version of this jellyfish-looking mount.

We’ve already seen the base model of these almost jellyfish like mounts. But, thanks to data mining by WoWhead, we know the different kinds of colors and styles these new mounts will be available in.

The Cryptic Aurelid is a reddish copper color, with black, almost silver armor over its legs. Orbs seem to be a big part of the Zerith Mortis zone for whatever reason, and both versions of the Aurelid skins have on inside the head.

Next up is the Deepstar Aurelid skin, which is gold and silver. The orb and head itself are gold, along with the armor on the legs, and the armor surrounding the saddle is silver.

The Deepstar Aurelid is gold and silver.

Even though we know what these mounts look like, we don’t know how much they’ll cost or what we’ll have to do to unlock them. It could be as simple as throwing down some gold, or we might have to complete a questline for access.

We’ll know for sure when Eternity’s End finally comes out, which should be sometime before the end of 2021.

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