Asmongold explains why WoW Dragonflight will be better than both Shadowlands & BfA

Asmongold streaming on TwitchTwitch: Asmongold

Twitch star Asmongold shared genuine excitement for the launch of WoW Dragonflight and explained why it should fare better than both previous WoW expansions Shadowlands & Battle for Azeroth.

As the biggest World of Warcraft streamer on all of Twitch, Asmongold hasn’t held back his often devastating opinions on the popular MMORPG he’s had a love-hate relationship with for the last 15 years.

While he’s taken a long, long break from retail WoW, he’ll soon return with the launch of Dragonflight.

Now, he’s opened up about why he’s a bit more excited about this expansion than the previous two, which were a major disappointment.

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Asmongold shares excitement for Dragonflight

On November 26, the 31-year-old OTK owner posted a video where he explained why Dragonflight will “probably” be better than Shadowlands as well as Battle for Azeroth.

He said that he doesn’t believe his opinion is entirely fueled by “copium,” and that’s mostly due to the expansion’s focus on the MMO’s core elements rather than introducing new, big features and systems that quickly fizzled out of relevancy.

Some of the features he specifically pointed to were Torghast, Covenants, Conduits, Azerite Armor, Warfronts, Artifact Weapons, and more. While Asmon has heard many fans’ concerns that this could hurt Dragonflight, he sees it as a positive.

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“A lot of people are saying ‘Wow, the expansion is doomed because it doesn’t have one of these.’ Well, where the f*ck were you when these things killed the previous expansions.”

Asmon pointed to the return of the talent system as one of the best parts of Dragonflight.

He also praised Blizzard Entertainment’s willingness to pull back and focus on the core of the game, rather than introducing flashy new systems that won’t improve the game in the long run.

The OTK streamer also explained that if Dragonflight is as wonky at launch as the previous two expansions were that he will be more than fine to abandon the game until Blizzard can “get it right.”

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