WoW players celebrate death of Shadowlands log-in screen

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WoW Shadowlands will soon be in the past with the release of the MMO’s next expansion, Dragonflight, and long-time WoW fans are celebrating the death of the expansion’s infamous log-in screen.

World of Warcraft fans are excited to finally leave Shadowlands in the rearview mirror. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that the game’s next expansion Dragonflight will be released in late November, meaning there’s only a short amount of time left with Shadowlands in the spotlight.

Shadowlands is an expansion players would mostly like to forget. The journey into the Maw left a bad taste in the mouths of WoW player base, which dwindled to record-low counts. Now, players are celebrating the end of the game, and its home log-in screen.

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WoW Shadowlands players celebrate end of expansion

Reddit user Shingaion posted to the game’s subreddit page a photo of the Shadowlands log-in screen and said, “Who is looking forward to never seeing this login screen ever again?”

The post instantly shot to the top of Reddit as fellow WoW fans shared their excitement to no longer see this version of WoW’s home page.

Each World of Warcraft expansion has its own artwork that players see each time they log in. With so many bad vibes surrounding Shadowlands, players ultimately are happy to see it go.

One user said, “Wish there was an option where you can change the login screen to look like the ones from older expansions. Just feels a bit of a waste, since they put much effort into them.”

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Another disagreed with Shingaion and said, “This will probably get me killed, but I truly like that art on the login screen. Even more, it’s still my current wallpaper on all my PCs since Blizz shared the high-resolution image on its page.”

Despite some WoW fans actually liking the artwork, the game’s eighth expansion will soon be in the past once Dragonflight hits live servers and fans can’t wait.