WoW Shadowlands “motion sickness” in Grimrail Depot dungeon issue finally fixed

Lawrence Scotti
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Blizzard is bringing back the World of Warcraft Mythic+ dungeon Grimrail Depot in Shadowlands Season 4 and says they’ve fixed the motion sickness problems players have encountered in the past.

Grimrail Depot is one of the more polarizing dungeons in WoW history, dating back to its release during the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

The dungeon funnels players onto a moving train, which sounded fun in theory, but many WoW players reported experiencing heavy motion sickness playing through the zone.

Now, Blizzard has announced that Grimrail Depot is returning to the Mythic+ rotation, but that the motion sickness problem has been fixed.

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Season 4 of Shadowlands released on August 2.

Grimrail Depot dungeon return divides WoW players

WoW Shadowlands Season 4 brought in eight new dungeons into the rotation, including the Grimrail.

Warcraft’s community manager Bornakk said, “Motion sickness was a concern when we first talked about the possibility of Grimrail becoming a Mythic+ dungeon. Fortunately, one of our designers came up with a clever solution which he was happy to share.”

In the unlisted video, a Warcraft developer displays how there is a new NPC just outside the train and offers a potion to players that “stops the world from moving,” essentially eliminating the motion sickness problem.

WoW players, even with the accessibility fixes, were still divided about the dungeon coming back into the Mythic+ rotation.

While the Grimrail dungeon usually gets hate for its linearity and only having three bosses, some WoW players voiced that they actually like the design.

Another user pointed out that no matter how bad players believe the dungeon might be, fighting through a moving train provides for an epic battleground.

Despite the seemingly simple design of the Grimrail Depot, it certainly has a special place in players’ hearts.