WoW Dragonflight player explains incredible method to reach level 60 in record time

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A WoW Dragonflight player managed to level up from 10 to 60 in just three hours of gameplay and shared a detailed guide on how they did it so that other players can level up quickly as well.

WoW Dragonflight’s pre-patch is here, and fans of the long-running MMORPG are finally playing the new race Dracthyr, along with the new class Evoker, for the very first time.

While many players are sinking time into the new content, others are rushing to level alt characters to get them up to 60 before the next expansion officially launches.

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Now, one WoW speedrunner has shared an incredibly detailed guide for how they level characters to the max in just a couple of hours.

WoW Dragonflight leveling guide from 10 to 60 instantly

World of Warcraft content creator Harldan went viral after sharing their guide on how, in just three hours and 21 minutes, went from level 10 all the way to level 60.

The guide utilizes the new Chromie Time in Dragonflight, which makes leveling much easier. Starting off, players will need to opt for the Exiles Reach starting zone, which is tailor-made to get players to level 10 quite quickly.

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From there, you’ll have to speak with Chromie and kick off the Legion storyline. From there, the options are varied based on if you are a Horde or Alliance player.

WoW players found the guide incredibly valuable and boosted it all the way to the front of the WoW subreddit.

One user championed his guides and said, “Harldans guides have helped me level so many alts. I can personally vouch for this being so much faster than every other guide.”

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With WoW Dragonflight slated for launch in less than two weeks, there’s no better time to level an alternate character than now.