WoW dev reveals approach to Dragonflight’s cross-faction content: “It’s a freedom thing”

Lauren Bergin
world of warcraft wow dragonflight kalecgos stands in icy forest

As the veil recedes around World of Warcraft’s new expansion, WoW Dragonflight, Production Director Patrick Dawson has confirmed cross-faction raids will be coming, but will never be made mandatory.

World of Warcraft fans rejoice, we’re heading back to Azeroth! With WoW Shadowlands relegated to the bowels of history following a turbulent run, all eyes are on the franchise’s ninth expansion, Dragonflight.

Set amid the emerald fields and misty mountains of the all-new Dragon Isles, there’s a new race to try out, countless vistas to explore, and your very own customizable dragon – and that’s before we get into the nitty-gritty raid content.

With a slew of dungeons available on release and raids pegged for the not-so-distant future, cross-faction play will also be one of the main features of Dragonflight. Arriving alongside Patch 9.2.5, players will finally be able to team up with their historical enemies and tear the terrors of Azeroth asunder. But will WoW Dragonflight have any dedicated cross-faction content? Production Director Patrick Dawson reveals all.

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Beneath the idyllic veneer of the Dragon Isles lurk horrors unlike any Azeroth has ever seen.

WoW Dragonflight cross-faction content is coming

Discussing Dragonflight’s cross-faction content with Dexerto, Dawson stresses that, while you will be able to team up with your sworn adversaries in the new expansion, you’ll never be put in a position where you have to.

“We’re committed to continuing the cross-faction feature throughout our raid and dungeon experience in Dragonflight,” Dawson states. “Any dungeon we have will be able to be played in a cross-faction manner.”

“I don’t think we’re necessarily planning any cross-faction specific mechanics or anything like that – I think it’s more of an accessibility feature,” he elaborates. “We don’t want it to be a barrier for you to play with your friends, [but] we don’t necessarily want to incentivize it either to make you feel like you should have to play with the opposite faction.”

Concluding “there’s still plenty of our players who are like ‘you know what, that’s not for me, I don’t want to do that,’ so we don’t want to force anybody into it,” he highlights that “it’s a freedom thing, not a directive thing.”

world of warcraft wow battle for azeroth bfa sylvanas and anduin look at each other as horde and alliance fight in background
While the rift between the Alliance and Horde still stands, you will be able to break down the barriers in Dragonflight.

Details on WoW Dragonflight’s raid and dungeon content remain pretty scarce, but Dawson quells fears by noting “we’re looking to keep it pretty consistent with what we’ve done in the past.”

So while there’s familiarity, there’s freshness; just what Dragonflight is all about. As further details emerge from the mists, we can’t wait to dive into the luscious world of the Dragon Isles and start our journey – even if we have to grin and bear the Alliance while doing so.