WoW Dragonflight Mythic+ runs per week increase again for Season 3

James Lynch
WoW dragonriding in Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is entering the ninth week of Season 3, and the latest data suggests that players are spending more time in Mythic+ dungeons after a relatively steady decrease during the first six weeks of the season.

Dragonflight has been a mixed bag for Blizzard, with the encouraging new gameplay elements often overshadowed by needlessly convoluted systems and a forgettable storyline. The release of Season 3 came alongside the Guardians of the Dream major content patch, and it seemed to breathe new life into the expansion.

Players were finally able to traverse and conquer formidable foes in The Emerald Dream, and the new raid saw champions face off with Fyrakk. Though Blizzard has been quiet about their metrics for years, appropriately named user MythicPlusPoster has kept the community informed on how many Mythic+ dungeon runs players have undertaken each week.

After a near-consistent decrease in run numbers, Week 7 provided the first green shoots of hope. Now, Week 8 appears to be building on that limited success.

Mythic+ numbers increase in Dragonflight for second week in a row

In a post on Reddit, MythicPlusPoster shared the latest update to their incredibly useful Mythic+ run tracking graph.

After reaching an all-time low of 1,754,800 runs in Week 6, Week 7 saw a significant improvement before building that total again this week. Sitting on a far healthier total of 2,114,958 runs, the chart is a good indicator that players may be returning to Retail WoW from Season of Discovery and other flavors of the game.

Additionally, there will undoubtedly be renewed interest thanks to the upcoming confirmed content. The Seeds of Renewal 10.2.5 patch is coming on January 16th, introducing a significant new Gilneas storyline, follower dungeons, and much more. With Season 4 set to arrive in the spring, it will be interesting to see if Mythic+ dungeons can maintain this momentum.