WoW Classic players discover how to double up on powerful trinkets

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WoW Classic players have found a way to double up on powerful trinkets during the Season of Mastery which adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Trinkets are items that provide various stat boosts for players when equipped. The most useful ones can only be obtained once but some clever players have found a way to double them up.

One of the most enticing possibilities from this is the ability to get two Carrots on a Stick. Yes, the stat bonuses stack as well.

How to get double Carrot on a Stick in WoW Classic

Carrot on a Stick provides a three percent boost to mount speed. This might not seem like a whole lot but, in a game like WoW where you’re constantly riding around, it definitely becomes noticeable.

It’s especially useful in PvP where being able to move faster than your opponent can literally be the difference between life and death. During Season of Mastery, players have found a way to rock two Carrots, giving a six percent increase to riding speed.

To get two of these trinkets for yourself, you need to first complete the quest Gahz’rilla in Zul’Farrak, which awards it. Next to the quest giver, there is an Ice Cream Vendor.

After you get your first Carrot, sell it to the vendor, then talk to the quest giver again. After that, you’ll get a lost quest rewards option at the vendor. From there, just buy a new one and also the one you sold back from him.

Gahzrilla WoWBlizzard Entertainment
You need to take down Gahzrilla to unlock the Carrot on a Stick.

The Carrot isn’t the only trinket you can duplicate though. This exact same method can be used to obtain two Thrash Blades. This one-handed sword not only looks awesome with a glow, but it grants the chance to gain an extra hit on your next swing.

While this isn’t how either item was probably intended to be used, it is a clever way to double up on these ‘unique’ items. It’s such a simple trick, it’s honestly surprising it wasn’t discovered by players long ago.