WoW players blast Blizzard over major item nerfs from Mage Tower Timewalking update

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The Mage Tower’s return to WoW has been a great addition to the Timewalking events as players finally get to experience solo content once again, and if new, face it for the first time. However, it’s created a problem that players didn’t expect to face. 

Timewalking has been a much-appreciated addition to WoW since it was first introduced to the MMO in patch 6.2. It’s allowed for players to experience some of the beloved old content from previous expansions, be it dungeons or the more recent addition as of patch 7.2, raids.

The event scales players down to the appropriate level to match whatever content is they’re doing in Timewalking: be it Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, you name it. This allows for players to get a more realistic sense of what the game used to be back during that expansion.

One byproduct of this scaling down was the usage of older items. Due to how the scaling worked, players could use older items to aid their adventures across both dungeons and raids, making the experience easier and more fun. It also brought forth the creation of Timewalking gear sets.

WoW Mage TowerPlayers can once again enjoy difficult solo content with the Mage Tower

WoW players blast Blizzard over major item nerfs from Mage Tower Timewalking update

The addition of the Mage Tower in Timewalking has created a problem though, as, in order for players not to be able to clear it as fast, Blizzard decided to nerf a good chunk of the items used in the event.

In a post on the official WoW subreddit, user ImThePatronSaint expressed their distaste for the changes that Blizzard has made to the older gear used in Timewalking.

They claimed that the change “killed” the “largest Timewalking community” they had started due to most of the items they worked for being rendered useless. The Redditor went on to explain in the lengthy post that a community that had grown from its original members to a substantial number was now left without something to enjoy.

“That’s how we enjoyed playing the game. I, along with many others, have spent probably hundreds of hours farming old content,” ImThePatronSaint said.

ImThePatronSaint wasn’t alone in his expressions, as although other Reddit users commenting on the post weren’t necessarily part of the community they were talking about, they all still agreed that the item changes plus the way the Mage Tower scaling works could be changed.

“Absolutely silly,” said one player about the change. “It’s f**king stupid. But that’s what happens when you re-release content that was surrounded by borrowed power. You have Legion artifacts you can’t use and you have legendaries,” added another.

At the end of the day, even though Blizzard bringing back the Mage Tower was a major success, there will always be certain aspects of it that can be worked on. Time will tell if Blizzard will find that perfect combination of both.