Shroud hits the jackpot by winning rarest WoW Classic mount

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Shroud WoW Classic Rarest MountBlizzard / Twitter: Shroud

Shroud hit the jackpot in World of Warcraft Classic when he managed to get his hands on the Swift Zulian Tiger; the rarest mount in the game which has a less than one percent drop rate.

World of Warcraft Classic isn’t the first game that comes to mind when people think of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek. But despite being a god-tier FPS player, he’s a massive fan of the game and has been playing it since release. It’s his fourth most-streamed game on Twitch. 

However, it’s not a one-sided relationship. It seems like the love goes both ways, especially after the RNG gods helped him win the Swift Zulian Tiger, the rarest mount in the game. It drops from High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub, but it has a less than 1% drop rate.

Shroud WoW Classic Rarest MountBlizzard
The Swift Zulian Tiger is the rarest mount in the game.

Unfortunately, the speculator moment happened off-stream. However, shroud didn’t hesitate to flex the mount on social media. He shared a screenshot of his character sitting on its back in Orgrimmar.

“YEP,” he wrote, keeping it short, sharp, and sweet.

Thousands of people liked the post. However, not everyone understood what it meant or how rare the achievement was.

“Shroud has acquired the Swift Zulian tiger. It’s a very rare mount that can no longer be obtained in the current version of the game but can be in classic,” former Siege pro Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen explained. 

World of Warcraft: Classic is the gift that keeps on giving, and with The Burning Crusade expansion around the corner, it’s bound to produce many more memorable moments for players, streamers, and fans alike.

Shroud will almost certainly get stuck into the grind, and now he’ll have the rarest mount in the game in his arsenal.