Top 5 PvP Arena tips for WoW Shadowlands

Lauren Bergin
WoW Arena Shadowlands

A major part of World of Warcraft is the Arena, where you and your party can battle it out for WoW glory. Emerging victorious in the newest expansion, Shadowlands, can be made easier if you follow some basic pointers. 

World of Warcraft blends a lot of different things together: teamwork, mechanical prowess and strategic thinking. This doesn’t just apply to adventuring around the map itself, but also in one of WoW’s most famous places: the Arena.

Shadowlands presents players with a new opportunity to top the WoW Arena charts. Whether you are Alliance or Horde, the competition is on.

So, here’s a few tricks to help you level up your PvP ability before taking on the instanced, deathmatch-style Arena.

The arena might look pretty, but on the inside it’s deadly.

1. Focus on class specifics and rotation

One of the key things about WoW is knowing your rotation, and what skills work best in a PvP environment. It’s pretty straightforward: the better you know the game, the higher your likelihood of coming out of every fight you take as the victor.

This is especially true if you really hone in on one specific class and character, maybe two at a push. Instead of learning a thousand different classes at a decent level, being an expert in one or two will you in a prime position to dominate.

Icy Veins is a fantastic resource to bolster your class knowledge, from trinkets and what gear to be using, right down to ability specifics.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Event
Fancy being as strong as Nathanos Blightcaller? Make use of these tips.

2. Make use of addons

Addons are also an important part of improving your efficiency in the WoW Shadowlands arena. Hotbar and UI-modifying addons, rotation aids, and damage meters are all things that will set you apart from others out there in the Arena.

However, game knowledge can only get you so far. Researching before you start to play is always a great idea, but one thing you also need to bear in mind are your teammates. We also have a handy guide that lists our best World of Warcraft essential addons, ranked – so make sure to utilize that in stepping up your game.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Hotfix Patch
Having addons is great, but friends are better.

3. Join a Guild or Community

Having people to rely on in any game is important, but especially in the WoW arena. Knowing exactly what to expect from your team whether you’re playing offensively or defensively is the best way to really take on the best of the best that the Shadowlands has to offer.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by joining a guild. Utilizing the in-game Guild & Communities tab can aid you in finding that next new bunch to explore PvP with. Who knows, you might even make a few new friends out of it, too!

However, teamwork takes a while to perfect, so there’s a degree of patience required here, too. The first few fights might find you struggling to find your footing, but if you drop out immediately, you may miss out on amazing teammates.

Sylvanas sneers at the Lich King in the Shadowlands cinematic trailer.
Don’t use Sylvanas as your example of a positive attitude.

4. Adjust your outlook and communication

A big part of being in a team is your attitude. It may sound obvious, but a lot of players in the WoW Shadowlands arena will struggle to find good teams due to their outlook towards the game.

It goes without saying that one of the overarching issues here is being kind. If you’re a player whose accepting both of your own faults and of the mistakes other players make around you, you’re much more likely to find reliable colleagues. If you scream at players in chat, you’re likely to get kicked, and if you never take the blame that doesn’t bode well, either.

Instead of flaming the teammate who was maybe lacking, ask yourself how you could have helped resolve the situation. Communicate with them, coordinate your attacks better, and take your time strategizing.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Event
Teamwork is essential to your Arena success.

5. Be critical of your own plays

Be critical of yourself. Aim to actively improve upon mistakes that you’re doing. Did you miss that skill in your rotation, or were you thrown off by a sneaky Rogue shadowstepping behind you? Being open to the constructive criticism of your own performance is going to help you progress much quicker.

Arena works by pitting you against playing with a similar MMR (or Matchmaking Ranking) to you. So, you’re able to critically look at your performance as you rise through the ranks that way, but it’s also something that you definitely need to take time with. So, on occasion, be sure to step back and look at objectively, too.

Plus, having that open communication channel is something that everyone will benefit from. If you all take an inward approach to the game, you’ll be slaying the competition in no time.

So that’s it for our top five PVP tips that will help you dominate the Arena. They may sound simple, but give them a shot and see what happens. After all, you can only get better, right?

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