Echo win third straight WoW Race to World First after taking down Raszageth

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Echo Guild has won their third consecutive WoW Race to World First, as they are the first group to complete Mythic Vault of the Incarnates and take down Raszageth, the Storm-Eater.

The race to world first for WoW Dragonflight’s first raid has officially come to an end as Echo Guild has become the first to complete the raid.

This is Echo’s third straight WoW raid that they were the first to complete, making them not just the champions of Europe but across the globe for competitive World of Warcraft.

Echo Guild wins third straight WoW Race to World First

The crowning moment happened on December 23, when Echo was the first to take down Raszageth on Mythic, slaying the purple dragon and earning their place in history. Echo had been competing with Team Liquid to be the first to complete the raid, but Echo came out on top in stylish fashion ahead of their opposing teams.

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Preach, who was announcing as Echo completed the raid, shouted: “That was the best pull I’ve ever seen Echo do in my life! That was unbelievable!”

Scripe, Echo’s raid leader, celebrated on social media directly after Echo won their third straight.

Echo had previously won the two raids that concluded Shadowlands, and now, start off Dragonflight exactly where they left off.

Completion of the raid came just after Blizzard nerfed the Raszageth fight, opening up the window for both Echo and Liquid to make significant advances in the fight. Echo managed to complete the fight with all 20 raids members alive, executing a clean pull that made way for their victory.

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However, in the end, Echo came out on top and now owns back to back to back RWF victories.