WoW Dragonflight content roadmap for 2023 revealed

wow dragonflightBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed plans for WoW Dragonflight’s content schedule, mapping out future content releases for the MMO.

WoW’s latest expansion Dragonflight has breathed new life into the long-running MMORPG since hitting live servers in late November. Players have been enjoying the new raid, the new class, and all the new content – and they are eager for information about the game’s future.

Although the early days of the expansion have been strong, players have been wondering if Blizzard would show off the long-term schedule for 2023.

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Thankfully, the devs have released a full schedule for what 2023 has to offer, including the road map for the next two seasons.

dragonflight wowBlizzard
Dragonflight was released on November 28.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 & 3 info revealed

On December 21, Blizzard released a content roadmap for Dragonflight detailing what their plans are for each patch in 2023.

The next patch 10.0.5, coming in mid-January 2023, will bring the new Trading Post, White & Gray Transmogs, and Primalist Tomorrow.

After that, another patch, 10.0.7, will release in Spring 2023. This patch will bring the Return to Forbidden Reach, Human & Orc heritage Armor, and a Holiday Update.

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Then, Dragonflight Season 2 will kick off with patch 10.1, released sometime between Spring and Summer 2023. Season 2 will bring a new raid, a new zone, a new PvP season, a professions update, UI improvements, and more.

After that, two more patches will deliver additional content until Season 3 arrives sometime after Fall 2023. Season 3 will offer another new raid, zone, PvP season, and much more.

The knowledge that WoW Dragonflight will continue to receive additional content through the next year is likely a big sigh of relief for many fans, and will keep the game fresh and interesting in the coming months. Hopefully, it will be as well-received as the content players are currently enjoying.

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