Asmongold praises WoW Dragonflight’s leveling as the best it’s been since WoD


Twitch star Asmongold claimed that WoW Dragonflight’s leveling is the best of any World of Warcraft expansion in nearly ten years.

Despite it still being early days, Asmongold has heaped a steady amount of praise onto WoW’s latest expansion Dragonflight.

He’s called the expansion a “massive step up,” and claimed the best part of the new adventure is the improved visuals in the cutscenes.

Now, the OTK streamer has pointed to another feature of the expansion that has wowed him so far.

Asmongold claims Dragonflight has best leveling in years

The 31-year-old streamer was live on December 6 when he specifically praised the way the expansion handles the leveling process.

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“I think that overall the leveling in Dragonflight is the best leveling has been since Warlords of Draenor. It’s very fast, it’s smooth, and you never worry about how long it’s taking. It just happens on its own.”

WoW’s Warlords of Draenor expansion was released way back in 2014, meaning Asmon hasn’t been this impressed in a long, long time.

Dragonflight introduced Dragonriding for the first time, allowing players to ride on a customizable dragon throughout the leveling process, which speeds up the grind from 60 to 70 quite nicely.

Asmongold has been a huge fan of Dragonriding, especially considering much it’s impacted leveling and made it a breeze. On top of that, developers Blizzard Entertainment focused on breaking up fetch quests with more interesting ways to earn experience.

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WoW players are encouraged in Dragonflight to maintain alt characters now more than ever, and a huge part of that is just how fast they’ve made leveling.

One dedicated WoW player even figured out how to level alts to max level in under two hours of gameplay.