Asmongold praises WoW Dragonflight as “massive step up” from Shadowlands

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight is in full swing and popular Twitch Streamer Asmongold has given his early impressions of the latest expansion. 

Asmongold has been busy playing through WoW Dragonflight, delving into the game’s new content and mechanics. Not only has the ninth expansion added the new Dracthyr race, which allows players to pilot a dragon for the very first time, but there’s also the addition of the Evoker class.

Aside from these long-awaited entries, there are also new areas, raids, a HUD revamp, and more content to delve into. While Dragonflight has only been out for a few days, that hasn’t stopped Asmongold from powering through the latest content. In fact, the popular WoW streamer has now given his first impressions on the latest expansion. 

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Asmongold gives first impressions of WoW Dragonflight

“The stories of the different zones were a lot better than what we got in Shadowlands and I also think it was a lot better than what we got outside of BFA, besides the Jaina storyline and the Drustvar arc, which I thought was pretty cool.” 

Asmongold has already praised Dragonflight for its improved visuals, stating how the character rigging and facial expressions are a vast improvement over previous expansions. He notes how overall, Dragonflight has been a “massive step up” in terms of narrative storytelling and character interactions. 

However, one of the biggest parts of the new expansion is that of the dragon mounts, which can be used to fly around the region – an area that Asmongold greatly enjoyed. “I really liked being able to learn dragon riding, and also collecting the little dragon symbols and tokens that make your dragon fly faster.”

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While Asmongold was keen to praise the overall narrative and dragonriding mechanics, he was also keen to highlight just how much better the overall player experience was, particularly when it comes to previous expansion releases. 

“I think that Blizzard focusing more on fun and adding content into the game that is enjoyable, that people want to do and interact with – I just think this is a much more sustainable model for development,” said the Twitch star. He notes how the shift away from losing raid spots and PUGs for not being active is a great thing.

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