WoW Dragonflight leveling method shows how to hit 70 in under two hours

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A dedicated WoW Dragonflight player has discovered a method to level from level 60 to 70 in under just two hours’ time.

Dragonflight has finally hit live servers and has brought a ton of additions to the long-running MMORPG including a new race and class, revamped professions, a new zone, and so much more.

As with every expansion, Dragonflight has raised WoW’s level cap, allowing players to now reach level 70 as they adventure through the Dragon Isles for the very first time.

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Now, one hardcore WoW player has discovered a way to level from 60 to 70 at an unbelievable speed and has shared a detailed guide so that everyone can get their alts to max level.

WoW Dragonflight player levels from 60 to 70 in under two hours

World of Warcraft content creator Aes Versatile posted a guide to their YouTube channel showing how Dragonflight players can level their characters to max level in under two hours, from the moment they hit the Dragon Isles to 70.

In the video, and a Reddit post that went massively viral, Versatile shares details on how they developed the leveling route and how fellow WoW players can replicate their success.

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They note that this leveling route becomes much easier once you have one level 70 character on your account so you can unlock all the Dragonriding skills, as well as send over crucial materials to your alt character.

Having all the Dragonriding skills makes traversal that much easier, and shaves a huge amount of time off the leveling process.

Aes Versatile recommends players gun for bonus objectives as they are the more experience efficient. Also if you see any treasures with the wheel icon open them as they grant tons of XP.

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Also in the Reddit post are all of the exact points on the map they went to for each level, in the exact order in which they did it.

If you still have some alternate characters that you want to hit max level with, look no further than Aes’ nifty guide.

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