Asmongold explains how WoW Dragonflight can stay relevant beyond launch

Asmongold streaming on TwitchTwitch: Asmongold

Twitch star Asmongold explained how WoW’s newest expansion Dragonflight can recapture the glory of past expansions like Legion, post-launch.

Dragonflight has delivered some new key features, like Dragonriding, but the mark of any great WoW expansion is how it plays out in the long run beyond just the first few weeks after initially launching.

To give players more clarity on the future of Dragonflight, Blizzard released a full content schedule for 2023 so players can know what to expect down the road.

Asmongold looked over the schedule and shared cautious optimism.

Asmongold hopes Dragonflight can replicate Legion’s success

The OTK streamer was live on December 20 when he praised Blizzard’s transparency about the future, but wasn’t completely sold they’ll be able to nail the execution.

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“Big W? It’s not even a question, man. This is so good. I’m really happy about this, and I hope they keep doing content like this, because this is what’s going to keep people invested in playing the game regularly.”

He continued, “The problem right now is that a lot of people just drift off of the game because there’s not enough content. Legion did a really good job of releasing content regularly to keep people engaged. It was the last time Blizzard tried to go all-out with an expansion.”

While Asmon is excited about the roadmap for Dragonflight, he’s also worried the expansion will make the mistake that previous expansions have made, specifically how new content makes old content completely irrelevant.

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In previous expansions, new raids and zones released after launch granted stronger gear than the content that preceded it, making that content completely irrelevant in the bigger picture. Legion, WoW’s sixth expansion, was universally praised for the huge amount of content that followed it’s launch which kept players engaged for a long period of time.

Hopefully, for WoW players and Asmongold’s sake, Blizzard figure out a way to drop new content without wiping out everything that came before it.