Valorant players think Neon buffs in patch 8.11 are “over the top”

Sourav Banik
an image of Neon in Valorant

Riot Games has revealed massive changes to several Duelists coming with Valorant patch 8.11. Out of all the changes, players feel the buffs that Neon received have been “over the top.”

On June 5, 2024, Valorant players got to know about all the Agent buffs and nerfs coming with Valorant patch 8.11. The devs explained these massive Neon buffs could flip the meta, while Valorant pros started rethinking their mains for VCT.

On the flip side, some have been feeling skeptical about the changes. Sharing their views on the Valorant subreddit, with many feeling Neon “will become the meta” going forward while others think these changes are too much.

The primary changes in 8.11 will allow Neon to sprint faster with no reduction in strafing speed while sprinting. This will allow the Duelist to draw weapons almost instantly – she won’t even have weapon movement errors when sliding, increasing her accuracy during the maneuver.

valorant neon lies on bed with hands behind head thinking

One player said, “They went waaaaay over the top. 0.2 secs after sliding to get gun up, no accuracy penalty, 2 charges, stun activates faster.. god have mercy on my low sens.” Another player looked excited with these buffs but was unaware the devs “were goin THAT hard.”

Iso is another Agent that’s been buffed in patch 8.11. Some players feel the seventh Duelist in Valorant will be the top pick among smurfers and commented: “Try facing one that has auto-shield every round. Good luck hitting two headshots on them before you get capped.”

Smurfing has been an age-long issue in Valorant and when they join forces with a buffed Neon, things could turn out to be unfavorable for players.

According to a Neon main, the Duelist was good but “underrated.” They are scared of these new buffs as they think “it will certainly push everything up”, leaving the devs with no option but to
“come up with a huge nerf, that will destroy any fun.”

Along with these Agent changes, Haven will finally be back to the map pool when patch 8.11 drops on June 11. Breeze and Split will move out of the way to make way for this and the new map that will be revealed before the VCT Masters Shanghai Grand Finals on June 9, 2024.

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