Gen.G win VCT Masters Shanghai: Final standings and recap

Declan Mclaughlin

VCT Masters Shanghai has concluded with Gen.G claiming its first international trophy. Here you can find everything about the tournament including a recap, standings, and scores.

After days of heart-stopping Valorant, Masters Shanghai has finished with VCT Pacific finally lifting a trophy after so many near wins. Gen.G claimed the first trophy for the league thanks to a 3-2 win over Team Heretics in the Grand Final.

The South Korean team went undefeated across the entire event, only dropping five maps across six series. After making the Masters Madrid Grand Final, Gen.G looked burnt out during regular season play but managed to secure the second seed from VCT Pacific.

Playing in the Swiss Stage seemed to revive the team as the roster only got stronger with every match it played. Gen.G looked like they were going to choke away another Grand Final up against Heretics, giving Heretics two map wins early on.

However, the squad pulled together to win the final two maps of the series to pull out the victory.


VCT Masters Shanghai: Stream

The Masters Shanghai tournament was streamed on the Valorant Esports Twitch and YouTube. We’ve embedded the Twitch stream below for your convenience.

VCT Masters Shanghai: Results

The prize pool for the tournament was a combined $1,000,000 with the champion, Gen.G taking home $350,000.

PlaceTeamPrize Money
2ndTeam Hertics$200,000
3rdG2 Esports$125,000
4th100 Thieves$75,000
5th – 6thFUT Esports
Paper Rex
7th – 8thEDward Gaming
9th – 10FunPlus Phoenix
11th – 12thT1
Dragon Racer Gaming

Playoffs Stage

Day 13: June 9

Grand FinalGen.G 3-2 Team Heretics12 AM3 AM8 AM

Day 12: June 8

Lower Bracket FinalG2 Esports 0-3 Team Heretics12 AM3 AM8 AM

Day 11: June 7

Upper Bracket FinalG2 Esports 0-2 Gen.G12 AM3 AM8 AM
Lower Bracket Semifinal100 Thieves 0-2 Team Heretics3 AM6 AM11 AM

Day 10: June 3

Lower Bracket Quarterfinal100 Thieves 2-1 Paper Rex1 AM4 AM9 AM
Lower Bracket QuarterfinalTeam Heretics 2-0 FUT Esports4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 9: June 2

Upper Bracket SemifinalsG2 Esports 2-1 Team Heretics1 AM4 AM9 AM
Upper Bracket Semifinals100 Thieves 0-2 Gen.G4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 8: June 1

Lower Bracket R1Fnatic 1-2 FUT Esports1 AM4 AM9 AM
Lower Bracket R1Paper Rex 2-0 EDward Gaming4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 7: May 31

Upper Bracket QuarterfinalPaper Rex 1-2 G2 Esports1 AM4 AM9 AM
Upper Bracket QuaterfinalEDward Gaming 0-2 Team Heretics4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 6: May 30

Upper Bracket Quarterfinal100 Thieves 2-0 FUT Esports1 AM4 AM9 AM
Upper Bracket QuarterfinalFnatic 1-2 Gen.G4 AM7 AM12 PM

Swiss Stage

Day 5: May 27

Swiss Stage R3 Decider MatchFPX 1-2 Team Heretics1 AM4 AM9 AM
Swiss Stage R3 Decider MatchFUT 2-1 Leviatán4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 4: May 26

Swiss Stage R2 Low MatchLeviatán 2-0 T11 AM4 AM9 AM
Swiss Stage R2 Low MatchDRG 0-2 FUT4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 3: May 25

Swiss Stage R2 High MatchFPX 1-2 Gen.G1 AM4 AM9 AM
Swiss Stage R2 High MatchG2 2-1 Team Heretics4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 2: May 24

Swiss Stage R1Dragon Rangers 0-2 Team Heretics1 AM4 AM9 AM
Swiss Stage R1Gen.G 2-1 Leviatán4 AM7 AM12 PM

Day 1: May 23

Swiss Stage R1G2 Esports 2-1 T11 AM4 AM9 AM
Swiss Stage R1FunPlus Phoenix 2-1 FUT Esports4 AM7 AM12 PM

VCT Masters Shanghai: Teams

All teams have finished qualifying for the tournament through their respective VCT league’s playoff stages. Rosters that managed to make the tournament are listed below.

TeamVCT LeagueRoster
Paper RexPacific (First seed)mindfreak, f0rsakeN, d4v41, something, Jinggg
Gen.GPacific (Second seed)Meteor, t3xture, Lakia, Munchkin, Karon
T1Pacific (Third seed)Sayaplayer, Carpe, xccurate, iZu, Rossy
FnaticEMEA (First seed)Boaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle
Team HereticsEMEA (Second seed)Boo, benjyfishy, paTiTek, RieNs, Wo0t
FUT EsportsEMEA (Third seed)qRaxs, MrFaliN, ATA KAPTAN, yetujey, cNed
EDward GamingChina (First seed)Haodong, CHICHOO, nobody, ZmjjKK, Smoggy
FunPlus PhoenixChina (Second seed)AAAAY, BerLIN, Lysoar, autumn, Life
Dragon RangerChina (Third seed)TvirusLuke, Nicc, vo0kashu, TZH, Shion7
100 ThievesAmericas (First seed)Asuna, bang, Cryocells, eeiu, Boostio
G2 EsportsAmericas (Second seed)JonahP, trent, valyn, leaf, icy
LeviatánAmericas (Third seed)kiNgg, Mazino, aspas, tex, C0M