Valorant devs rushing Iso nerfs after Agent’s win rate surges

Jeremy Gan
Valorant Iso splash art

Valorant’s devs have announced they are bringing out a set of Iso nerfs after the Agent’s brief period of domination during Episode 8 Act 3.

When Patch 8.11 came out after the end of VCT Masters Shanghai, it shook up the meta significantly as Raze fell out of favor. In her place, Iso and Neon took the lead thanks to their massive buffs.

However, Iso in particular has quickly become quite the juggernaut in-game, with many players begging Riot to nerf him days after the patch rolled out, mostly since the changes turned him from one of Valorant’s worst Duelists to one of the best overnight, rather than a gradual shift.

Riot has indeed listened, with the devs announcing Iso nerfs are coming out in the next patch, in an effort to reign him in.

Announced by penguin, a game designer for Valorant, they are planning to nerf Iso’s Double Tap in Patch 9.00. The skill had been a point of frustration for many players.

Iso’s Double Tap will see its two-kill reset removed after its addition in Patch 8.11. The reset would give Iso a charge if he got two kills. Furthermore, the duration of Double Tap will be reduced from 20 seconds to 12.

“Removing the reset gives Iso just on activation, and reducing the duration should create a clearer window for opponents to deny him fights,” penguin explained.

Iso Double Tap in-game
Iso’s Double Tap is getting nerfs in Patch 9.00

When Patch 8.11’s buffs rolled into the game, Iso’s win rate skyrocketed from the previous act. According to‘s stats for ranked games in Platinum 3, Iso’s win rate increased from 45.6% to 50.1%.

Not even Neon, who received significant buffs along with Iso, saw that big of an increase in win rates, only going up by 0.2%.

Luckily, Iso’s dominance won’t be sticking around too much longer, as PC players will be getting Patch 9.00 on June 25. Consoles will see the Iso changes in Patch 9.01.