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Valorant players demand change to “insane” Agent contract grind

Published: 15/Jun/2020 3:22

by Andrew Amos


The grind to level up Agent contracts and the Ignition battle pass in Valorant is rough. However, a few simple changes players have been asking for could help unlock rewards just that bit faster.

Valorant’s reward system is primarily focused around contracts and battle passes. While you can buy skins regularly through the store, most of the time, players will get them by progressing through Agent contracts or seasonal passes.

There, you have two choices. Cough up money to skip through tiers and unlock content quickly, or put up with a hard grind to get what you want.

Riot Games
If you want to get to Tier 10 on your Agent contract, you’ll need to earn 825,000 XP.

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In Valorant, you earn experience to put towards your battle pass and Agent contracts by playing the game. You will receive somewhere between 1,000 to 5,200 experience a game, increasing based on how well you do and how long games run for.

You can also gain bonus boosts of experience by completing missions ⁠— which can net you an extra few thousand XP a day. However, despite this, the grind to progress through each tier of a contract or pass is arduous.

At the later stages, each tier can be worth upwards of 100,000 XP. This means that even on a good day, you’ll need to play at least a dozen games to unlock the next set of rewards. The grind has been labelled “insane” by some players, but the community has some solutions.


Riot Games
Missions are worth a tiny amount of XP every day.

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Reddit user ‘2Board_’ noted a few suggestions of their own, and they’re pretty smart. The first change they listed was giving players extra experience towards their active Agent contracts if they are playing said Agent.

While this wouldn’t help with unlocking new Agents faster, if you want those sweet special skins for your main, you’d be rewarded for playing them.

2Board also called on Riot to make Spike Rush more valuable by adding the same XP bonuses as Unrated, as well as introducing win streak and kill bonuses to reward players who play well.


Agent contracts should progress faster if you’re actually playing the agent from r/VALORANT

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These changes have been well-received by the community as a whole. While the grind on the live servers is significantly easier than it was in beta, it’s still a hard one regardless of whether you play for 12 hours a day, or only a couple of hours a week.

Riot has been pretty receptive to player feedback, so maybe some of these changes will be implemented down the line. If you can’t wait until then though and want to blaze through your Agent contracts and battle passes now, we’ve got guides to help you unlock rewards faster.