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Riot Games respond to Valorant freezing and FPS drops after Patch 1.01

Published: 14/Jun/2020 10:47 Updated: 14/Jun/2020 11:07

by Andy Williams


Riot Games have confirmed that they’re looking towards fixing the frame rate issues that Valorant players are running into following June 9’s Patch 1.01.

Per Riot Games’ patch notes, Patch 1.01 was supposed to bring with it a “smoother performance during combat” alongside solving the CPU bottlenecking that plenty of high-spec machines were experiencing.

In short, mid to high-spec machines were promised an increase in FPS in certain ‘scenes’ (as Riot refers to them) which were otherwise experiencing a drop in frames — yes Split, we’re talking about you.


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Player shooting Jett in Valorant.
Riot Games
Split has been at the root of players’ performance-related issues.

Yet, going against the grain of what was promised, players have yet again been running into a drop in frames. But also meeting the reduced frame rate, is a new bug that has been leading to some clients freezing mid-gunfight.

Plenty of Redditors were quick to report instances where they ran into issues, with one post drawing a response from Riot Games’ Koalifier.

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“We’re actively investigating the issues with freezing this patch,” the dev opened before explaining that the data implies that the intermittent freezing may be the result of “FPS loss leading up to the freeze.”


The subsequent thread of comments was inundated with players describing their accounts of freezing and/or experiencing a drop in FPS specifically following Patch 1.01.

“I had [zero] issues till this newest patch. Had my first freeze and hard restart situation yesterday. Thankfully got back fast enough to avoid a queue ban,” one player wrote as they detailed the logistics of trying to avoid being punished as they attempted to solve the issue.

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Yet, contrary to the dev’s response, one player is supposedly running into microstutters while noticing an increase in their average FPS. “Anyone else getting higher average FPS, but experiencing far more microstutters? These hitches make the gameplay completely awful and I am considering uninstalling.”


Given that there doesn’t appear to be a clear-cut cause behind why some clients are freezing and/or running into FPS problems, Riot will be hoping to get to the root of the problem sooner rather than later.