Valorant pros Nitr0, Subroza, more want Riot to fix run-and-gun accuracy, nerf Classic

100 thieves nitro team solomid subroza valorant running sprayRiot Games / 100 Thieves / Subroza

Valorant pros like 100 Thieves’ Nitr0 and Team SoloMid’s Subroza, among others, are asking Riot Games to fix the game’s issues pertaining moving accuracy, the Classic pistol’s jump spray and more.

In the December 24th iteration of ‘Ask Valorant,’ Riot gave a few updates for what they’re going to be working on as we approach the new year, and more pertinently, Episode 2 of Valorant’s development.

In it, the studio brought up what it’s planning to do to improve the ranking system, getting ahead of harassment based on custom crosshairs, a story mode for Valorant, and what to do about surrender votes if someone disconnects after a failed tally.

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None of those questions concerned the bigger topic that’s been on the front of some people’s minds like accuracy from guns like the Phantom and Vandal when people are moving at just the right pace.

“The #1 thing I wish for in Valorant is to decrease the running accuracy,” Nitro0 said a few hours after Riot published their blog post. This was a sentiment felt by a lot of pros, who have been noticing some people making use of the gameplay mechanic.

Back in mid-November, Cloud9’s TenZ was made aware of a simple movement trick that gave players decent accuracy while running in the tactical shooter. A little later, C9 teammate Relyks found a “much bigger issue” that had to do with the movement deadzone as opposed to the Phantom’s running sprays.

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Overall, people have been waiting for the studio to tone done the effect of the run-and-gun feature, especially since it can give a pretty hefty advantage to people barreling into sites.

Meanwhile, NRG coach Chet also raised the point that the Classic pistol suffers from a similar advantage in the form of jumping right-click burst shots that can still reliably hit their targets while in mid-air.

Though Riot has known about things like the movement accuracy before TenZ’s viral clips, some pros are still waiting to hear what the studio is going to do to fix what they see as a burgeoning problem.

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Riot later confirmed they are working on changing hip-fire accuracy, and explained it was top of their design team’s to-do list. Co-Lead Game Designer Max Grossman said: “It won’t be next patch but it’s top of mind for the design team. Hoping to get y’all some changes in the new year.”

They’ve yet to confirm a specific date, but we can expect some major changes to come in soon.