Valorant leaks reveal upcoming Icebox changes in Episode 4

. 5 months ago
Icebox B Site in Valorant
Riot Games

Major Icebox changes are coming later in Valorant Episode 4 with data miners digging through the game’s files and revealing big additions. Both A and B sites are undergoing overhauls, including changes to Yellow, Garage, and more.

Icebox has been a contentious map in the Valorant community ever since players were transported to the harsh Russian terrain back in Episode 1.

It’s undergone a few tweaks to increase playability, but the biggest overhaul yet is coming in Episode 4. Data miners have uncovered major changes to Icebox in the game’s files after Valorant patch 4.02, and they should be on their way soon.

Icebox B Site
Riot Games
Valorant’s Icebox will be changing drastically soon in Episode 4.

Known leaker ‘floxayyy’ shared images of all the changes coming to the A Site, B Site, and other parts of the map.

The yellow shipping container on B Site (known as Yellow) is rotating to cut down the awkward angles, with a new double box being tacked on for extra post-plant cover. The hut on B Site is also being closed off to try and increase plant spots while curbing Sage’s power.

On A Site, the attacker-sided boost on Pipes is being removed with only the defender head glitch angle remaining. The A Screens door from mid is also being shrunk, and there’ll be more cover on the site itself.

The final major change is in Garage from attacker spawn to B Site. The second exit is being pushed towards the cutout, completely altering the lines of sight.

A number of smaller changes are being made too with an attempt to shrink some of the map’s big choke points.

It’s all part of Riot’s plan to improve Valorant in Episode 4 Act 2 with major Agent and map changes rather than releasing new content. Yoru’s long-awaited rework is finally coming in patch 4.04, and a host of other quality of life changes are expected too.

When exactly the changes will be shipped remains to be seen. With the PBE servers opening back up again on February 4 though, it won’t be long until players can test out the new-look Icebox.

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