Valorant players disappointed as new Tigris skins launch without animations

Tigris Phantom in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant players have been left disappointed and asking for refunds after the Lunar New Year Tigris skins launched with missing features. Leaks revealed a new melee animation, but it did not make it to the live game.

The Lunar New Year celebrations are kicking on in Valorant with the new Tigris skin line now available to players as of February 2. The Year of the Tiger-inspired cosmetics set players back a pretty penny ⁠— 5100 VP for the bundle isn’t the steepest, but it’s not cheap.

The collection includes skins for the Operator, Phantom, Spectre, Bucky, and the Melee. Detailed with shining gold and glowing red trim on a matte black body, it has drawn the eyes of players.

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Early leaks also indicated the bundle would include a new melee animation, with players pulling out the sword with a big flick of the wrist before swinging it around. However, after the skin went live, players were disappointed to see it didn’t make the cut. Some had bought the skins based on the animation leak, and now are demanding refunds.

“I buy the sword and don’t have any animation or spin when you equip it,” one player said. “So much potential to be one of the best skins in the game but no animation, no money for you,” another added.

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Dataminer floxayyy, who uncovered the animation hidden in the game files, took down his leak and posted “that is awkward” after the skins went live. It is unclear whether the missing animation is intentional or if Riot simply forgot to enable it.

The Tigris skinline doesn’t feature any VFX or SFX upgrades purchasable with Radianite Points either, although this was confirmed ahead of release.

If you do buy the bundle, don’t expect any sweet animations. However, that sword animation could be coming with a future Melee skin, so keep your eyes peeled.