Valorant fans slam Night Market after lackluster discounts

Valorant Night Market LogoRiot Games

As part of Valorant’s Christmas event, Riot released the new Night Market store. Fans, however, really aren’t impressed. 

Valorant has been around for less than a year but has already taken the FPS sector by storm. With 2020 finally reaching a close, a lot of fans were excited to see what Riot Games were cooking up to celebrate the festive season Valorant style.

The introduction of the beautiful WinterWunderland skins certainly sent fans into a frenzy, amplified by  the new Night.Market feature offering discounts on a whole host of different skins. Who knew, maybe some Christmas luck would snag you some money off your favorite skins.

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That, however, hasn’t been the case. Night.Market has received very little positive feedback, and our poll on @ValorantUpdates is living proof that fans really hate Valorant’s newest feature.

Riot Games
Valorant’s Night.Market has left fans feeling a little frosty.

Valorant players slam Night Market

The concept behind Night.Market mirrors that of Riot’s iconic MOBA League of Legends ‘My Shop’. Players are presented with six mystery skins which, when they are opened, reveal the skin at a discounted price.

Most fans have been receiving lower tier skins than expected though, and the 32 day cycle of the market has left fans feeling almost taunted every time they log into the game. With the poll showing a disastrous 2.6% of respondents enjoying the new feature, the other 97.4% were vocal about possible future changes.

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One fan, showing that their Night.Market haul was a collection of Select and Deluxe tier skins, called upon Riot to “remove this atrocity.”

Another user suggested that giving fans one set discount slot to use a skin that they really want would be a better way to implement a reward system like this one.

Following this up, this next fan commented that, while they lucked out and got what they wanted, the 32-day rotation for the market seems “kinda long,” especially when “people are going to rely on this to get the skins they’ve been looking to buy for a while.”

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Finally, one fan called for respondents to channel their inner “Christmas spirit” and try not to get too enraged by their lackluster rolls.

With there having been so much backlash to the Night.Market, it’ll be interesting to see how Riot chooses to combat this in the future. Will they remove the feature entirely? Rework it to incorporate some of the fan comments from above?

Until there’s any further clarity though, it seems players across Future Earth will have to live with lady luck’s largely disappointing choices.