Valorant Winterwunderland skin bundle revealed: price, release date

Valorant Winter Wonderland SkinsRiot Games, Dexerto

The holidays are coming and that means one thing for Valorant: Christmas skins! Riot have released new Winterwunderland outfits in-game, and here’s everything you need to know about them. 

One of the best parts about being a gamer at Christmas are all of the new skins that get released for the festive season. As this is Valorant’s first year celebrating the holidays Riot have come out with a beautiful new line of winter themed skins.

Entitled ‘Winterwunderland’ skins, Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino notes that these skins have a bit of a personal touch. Inspired by his trip to Europe in winter, Marino “wanted to capture that same idyllic feeling with this skin, as if you are looking inside a literal snowglobe of a small winter town.”

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These skins are definitely reminiscent of the cute little holiday ornaments, and will make the perfect addition to your holiday collection.

icebox valorant mapRiot Games
It’s going to be a white Christmas on Icebox, that’s for sure.

Winterwunderland bundle price

Riot have announced that each individual gun skin will cost 1,275 VP, while the melee skin is 2,550 VP. 

For Valorant fans who are feeling festive, you can buy the Winterwunderland bundle for 5,100 VP. The pack is therefore of the Deluxe Edition Tier.

Listed below is what is included in the bundle:


  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Melee

Release date:

The Winterwunderland skins will be available to purchase from December 9.

Check out some more images of the weapons and variants below.


Winterwunderland Skin Valorant Ghost


Winterwunderland Marshal Skin Valorant


Winterwunderland Valorant Phantom skin


Winterwunderland Skin Vandal Valorant

Melee *

Winterwunderland Skins Melee Valorant

The melee skin is the only evolving line of the skin series. Colors change from Red, Green, Blue, and a Rainbow variant.

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One of the most unique parts of these skins are that the snowglobe’s sky changes as you move from a light area to a dark one.

Marino clarifies that Riot “really wanted to push the bar in terms of what we achieved with Nebula through some prototype testing of tech and shadows. That’s how we had the idea to set up the skin so that the scene would change from a daytime scene to a night scene based on whether you were in a lighter or darker portion of the map.”

So get ready to one-tap your enemies in festive style! After all, what better Christmas present could you wish for?

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