Riot respond to Valorant players demanding Night Market reroll change

Night Market Valorant headerRiot Games

The Night.Market in Valorant has been a hit with some players ⁠— and a total flop with others. It all depends on the RNG you got in your skin shop. While Riot doesn’t have a solution right now, they’re reworking the system for next time.

The Night.Market has been an interesting addition to Valorant. Using a similar concept to League of Legends’ Your Shop, the special store gives players a selection of skins at decent discounts.

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You could land a sick knife for 30 to 40% off, or even an Elderflame Vandal or Operator. Or there’s the chance all you get is the Galleria skins for 15% off each, and maybe a selection of Ares skins.

Night Market in ValorantRiot Games
The Night.Market is hit or miss for some Valorant players.

This randomness in the Night.Market has been Valorant players’ biggest gripe. The players who have rolled good shops have bought them all up, while players who didn’t find a single thing they wanted just have to stare it in the face for a month.

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There is an end that both sets of players reach though ⁠— not being able to reroll their shops. The community has asked Riot to consider adding a reroll option for Radianite to try and make things fair for players.

However, the solution is much trickier than coding that in. Riot aren’t going to change the Night.Market experience this time around due to constraints, but are taking on feedback for next time.

“Something like that would take a good amount of time to build, and building it means that our engineers wouldn’t be working on other important things. So if that’s something we did, it definitely wouldn’t impact the current Night.Market,” developer Lea ‘aeneia’ Hughes told players.

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Riot aren’t quite sure if they’ll do the Night.Market ever again. However, they’ve got a list of improvements they’ve got lined up ⁠— and bad draws are near the top of the list of fixes.

Card “We’ve got a super comprehensive plan for how we’ll determine the success of Night.Market. We’ll be chatting through any improvements we want to make. Bad draws is for sure on the list of things we’ll want to talk about and improve upon,” they added.

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For now, Valorant players will just have to stare at their empty ⁠— or full ⁠— Night.Markets. Nothing is changing in this current rendition. However, a reroll option, or other fixes, could be implemented for the next one.

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