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Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass details: all tiers & rewards

Published: 23/Apr/2021 16:10 Updated: 23/Apr/2021 16:11

by Andrew Amos


A new Valorant Act means a new battle pass. All the details on the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass have been revealed, including the three new skin lines, all the gun buddies, sprays, and more.

It’s time to get excited for Valorant Episode 2 Act 3. With the update launching on April 27, there’s plenty of new content to sink your teeth into.

That includes a new, fully-loaded battle pass, jam packed with skins, gun buddies, sprays, loading cards, and more. If you’re a bit frugal, this is the best bang-for-buck unlockable content Valorant has to offer. Here’s all you need to know.


Cypher with Lightwave Odin in Valorant
Riot Games
The Lightwave skinline is one of three being added in Valorant Episode 2 Act 3’s battle pass.

How much does the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass cost?

Like every battle pass before it, the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass will have two tracks: Free and Premium. You unlock progress on both at the same times, but you’ll get more rewards if you buy into the Premium pass for 1,000 VP ($10 USD).

If you decide to buy the Premium pass after grinding it out, you won’t have to start from square one ⁠— you’ll instantly unlock all the content you’ve leveled. Therefore, if you’re on the fence, you can wait until right near the end of the Act to make your purchase and get all the rewards.


Valorant Songsteel melee
Riot Games
The Songsteel Melee is the tier 50 reward.

Depths, Lightwave, Songsteel skins added

Of course, with every battle pass, Riot adds three new skinlines, and this one is no exception. Depths, Lightwave, and Songsteel skins will be up for grabs across Episode 2 Act 3.

The Depths skins have an underwater vibe, which fits the new Breeze map. The Lightwave skins are a toned-down version of the bright and punchy Glitchpop skins loved by players. Finally, the Songsteel skins have a very elegant feel to them with lots of browns and silvers.

Riot has also heeded players’ calls regarding skin variants in battle passes. They have returned again for Episode 2 Act 3, with three different variants on offer for the five Lightwave skins. They will be progressively unlocked with the battle pass.



Skins: Bulldog, Ghost, Stinger, Vandal

Valorant Depths Bulldog Stinger Vandal Ghost skins


Skins: Bucky, Frenzy, Odin, Phantom, Sheriff

Valorant Lightwave Odin Sheriff Frenzy Bucky Phantom skins


Skins: Classic, Guardian, Marshal, Melee

Songsteel Valorant skins Knife Classic Marshal Guardian

Outside of the skins, a number of gun buddies, sprays, and player cards will be available, including the Dabbing Dan spray and the Knife Fight card.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass expiry date

This Act’s battle pass is set to run until June 21, 2021, so you’ll have around eight weeks to complete it.

Then after that, it’s likely we will be gearing up for a mega Episode 3 release. While a map isn’t expected, given the release of Breeze with this Act, we’ll be getting Agent 16 in the next update.


We will keep you up to date as more info comes to light.