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Everything we know about Valorant map six: name, release date, more

Published: 13/Apr/2021 19:56

by Brad Norton


Early details surrounding Valorant’s sixth map appear to have slipped through the cracks ahead of an official announcement. From the new location to when it will be available, here’s everything there is to know.

When Valorant first launched, players were treated to just three maps in Haven, Bind, and Split. Since then, these layouts have seen a number of drastic changes, and two new locations have been added to the mix as well.

With Ascent and Icebox added in later updates, the total map count is now at five. However, Riot Games still isn’t truly satisfied with that number. Aiming to “accelerate the next few maps,” the devs feel “getting to seven is a good starting point.”


Just a few months after Icebox was rapidly pushed out, it now appears the next map could be arriving sooner than expected as well. Early leaks have revealed the first details of Valorant’s sixth map. Here’s what we know so far.

Valorant Icebox B
Riot Games
Icebox became Valorant’s fifth map when it was shipped with Episode 1 Act 3.

Valorant’s sixth map potential names leaked

Early leaks from several dataminers suggested that the name of Valorant’s new map would be ‘Foxtrot’, keeping map names in line with the simple, one-word theme.

This information came to light on March 31, with dataminer ValorLeaks assuring us it was not part of any early April Fools pranks.

But Foxtrot could just be a codename: After all, it’s the sixth letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Fans have theorized that if it does ship with that name, it could have some sort of military theme.


However, the release of the Valorant Night Market, which offers players skins at discounted prices, revealed a new graphic that shows a different potential name: ‘Breeze’.

The name is crossed out, and was originally deciphered by Cynprel, who pointed out that Yoru’s Night Market release saw a graphic with the word ‘Split’ crossed out.

New Valorant map location, soundtrack, lore leaked

Also revealed on the Night Market teaser is the term “CARIB.”, which is quite overtly a contraction of the word ‘Caribbean’.

Other leaks also gave us a first listen-in on new Valorant audio. Each map comes with its own unique theme upon loading in and it appears map six will be no different.


The leaked loading screen music came with a unique tropical-style theme with undeniable Valorant tones overlaid throughout, pretty much confirming that the new map will be in the Caribbean.

Leaked coordinates on the Night Market teaser take us to the Bermuda Triangle, which is associated with legends of ships and planes being dragged into the sea by monsters, leaving no trace of their existence.

What’s more, Valorant’s official Turkish Instagram account described the night market as “the goods of the sinking ship”, which alludes further to the Bermuda Triangle aspect.

This leak particularly points towards ‘Breeze’ being the name of the new map, as it more obviously fits the Caribbean theme than the other potential name, ‘Foxtrot’.


Loading into a Caribbean beach, stranded on a desert island with this music in the background would fit just right.

Potential artwork in April Fools dating sim

Valorant Agents of Romance
Riot Games
Could this be our first look at map six?

The final piece of leaked intel comes as part of Riot’s reported April Fools gag this year. Agents of Romance is a tongue-in-cheek dating-sim with Valorant’s whimsical cast of characters.

As part of this joke, certain background art appears to have teased the next location in Valorant. While we see some familiar areas, one frame featuring Cypher appears to reveal a new tropical region.

Palm trees can be seen in the distance as Cypher traverses the beach for his own romantic reasons. This could be unique artwork just for the April Fools joke, but it could definitely be our first look at what’s to come in this new Bermudan map.


Teasers for 6th Valorant map: Breeze?

On April 13, two new teaser images were leaked that definitely seem to point towards the sixth map being tropical-themed. The pictures feature shots of a sandy beach sheltered by some palm trees and could even hint at the name of the upcoming stage.

Riot Games via Valorleaks
The travel brochure-looking teasers sure to seem to be set on a tropical island.

One of the images invites players to “explore” while the other reads “wander,” but neither of these will probably be the name of the map. Instead, in the corner of the “wander” image, there is a small line of text that reads “Visit Breeze.”

“Breeze” definitely sounds plausible as a map name, and makes even more sense when you’re talking about a map set on a picturesque desert island. This line also appears on both images, as you can see below.

Riot Games via Valorleaks
“Breeze” very well could be the name of the next Valorant map.

Just looking at the images in these teasers and they do seem to be vistas made in the game’s engine. So it might be wise to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen, because it sure looks like Valorant is headed to the beach.

Next Valorant map release date

Valorant artwork
Riot Games
Expect to see some in-game teasers ahead of an official reveal.

Outside of this leaked intel, nothing official has actually been shared by the developers just yet. That being said, we can still connect some dots and predict when map six will arrive.

With the next two additions being rushed ahead, there’s a good chance ‘Foxtrot’ or ‘Breeze’ arrives rather soon. Icebox launched five months ago on October 13 as part of Episode One Act Three. If history is to repeat itself, this new map could launch as part of Episode 2 Act 3.

The next Act kicks off on April 21, meaning map six could be right around the corner. Of course, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Riot. ‘Foxtrot’ or ‘Breeze’ could still be a few months off, after all.

However, with information starting to slip through the cracks already, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see the next map sooner rather than later.