Sentinels win VCT Masters Madrid: Final standings and recap

Declan Mclaughlin

VCT Master Madrid has come to a close with Sentinels taking the trophy for VCT Americas. Here you can find everything about the tournament including a recap, standings, and scores.

After two weeks of heart-pounding Valorant play, Masters Madrid has come to a close. Sentinels defeated Gen.G in the Grand Finals 3-2, claiming their third Masters title and second international trophy in the esport.

Sentinels have had a massive resurgence in 2024, with the org finally reclaiming the level of global dominance it had in 2021. However, Gen.G looked almost unstoppable in their run through the upper bracket.

Sentinels claimed the first seed from VCT Americas in the kickoff tournament.

Both Sentinels and Gen.G cruised through the Swiss Stage, not dropping a series. In the bracket stage, Sentinels ran into the Korean squad in the upper final and fell to the VCT Pacific team 2-1. In the lower bracket final, Sentinels rallied against Paper Rex and qualified for the Grand Final.

The series against Gen.G went the distance and became one of the most matched matches in Valorant esports history in the process.

Below is everything about the VCT Masters Madrid tournament including where to watch, match results, format, and schedule.


VCT Masters Madrid: Stream

The Masters Madrid tournament will be streamed on the Valorant Esports Twitch and YouTube. We’ve embedded the Twitch stream below for your convenience.

VCT Masters Madrid: Format

Masters Madrid debuted a new format for the early stage of the tournament, a Swiss format. The format was introduced to Riot’s other major esports title, League of Legends, in 2023.

The Swiss format sees the top-seeded teams first going up against a No. 2 seed from a different region. From there, teams who win will be pared up against other teams of the same record, until four teams have accumulated two wins before two losses.

Each series will be a best-of-three and will continue until the field of eight is reduced to four.

The Playoff Stage will see the four teams face off in a double-eliminated bracket, with each match being a best-of-three, with the lower and Grand Finals matchups being best-of-five series.

VCT Masters Madrid: Results

The prize pool for the tournament is $500,000 and the winner of the event earned three VCT points which will help teams qualify for Valorant Champions 2024.

PlaceTeamPrize Money
3rdPaper Rex$65,000
5thEDward Gaming$15,000
6thKarmine Corp$15,000
7thFunPlus Phoenix$10,000
8thTeam Heretics$10,000

Playoff Stage: March 21 – 24

Day 9: March 24

Grand FinalsGen.G 2-3 Sentinels9 AM12 AM5 AM

Day 8: March 23

Playoffs Lower FinalSentinels 3-1 Paper Rex8 AM11 AM4 PM

Day 7: March 22

Playoffs Upper FinalGen.G 2-1 Sentinels8 AM11 AM4 PM
Playoffs Lower SemiPaper Rex 2-0 LOUD11 AM2 AM7 AM

Day 6: March 21

Playoffs R1Gen.G 2-0 Paper Rex8 AM11 AM4 PM
Playoffs R1Sentinels 2-1 LOUD 11 AM2 AM7 AM

Swiss Stage: March 14 – 18

Day 1: March 14

Swiss StageKCorp 2-0 FPX8 AM11 AM4 PM
Swiss StageGen.G 2-1 LOUD11 AM2 AM7 AM

Day 2: March 15

Swiss StageEDG 2-1 PRX8 AM11 AM4 PM
Swiss StageSentinels 2-1 Heretics11 AM2 AM7 AM

Day 3: March 16

Swiss StageKCorp 0-2 Sentinels8 AM11 AM4 PM
Swiss StageEDG 1-2 Gen.G11 AM2 AM7 AM

Day 4: March 17

Swiss StageFPX 0-2 LOUD8 AM11 AM4 PM
Swiss StageHeretics 1-2 Paper Rex11 AM2 AM7 AM

Day 5: March 18

Swiss StageEDG 0-2 LOUD8 AM11 AM4 PM
Swiss StageKCorp 1-2 Paper Rex11 AM2 AM7 AM

VCT Masters Madrid: Teams

Teams qualified for the tournament via their VCT international league’s kickoff tournament.

Every team, and their rosters, that qualified for the Masters event is listed below.

Team Players
Paper Rex Monyet, minefreak, f0rsakeN, d4v41, something
Gen.G Lakia, Munchkin, t3xture, Meteor, Karon
Team Heretics Boo, benjyfishy, MiniBoo, RieNs, paTiTek
Karmine Corp Shin, Magnum, marteen, N4RRATE, tomaszy
EDG Haodong, CHICHOO, nobody, ZmjjKK, Smoggy
FunPlus Phoenix  AAAAY, BerLIN, Lysoar, Autumn, Life
LOUD Less, Saadhak, cauanzin, tuyz, qck
Sentinels zekken, Sacy, TenZ, johnqt, pANcada/Zellsis

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