Shroud explains why Valorant players “shouldn’t care” about K/D scores

Alex Tsiaoussidis. Last updated: Apr 12, 2021
Shroud Valorant K/D Score
Riot Games / Twitch: Shroud

Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek might be the king of frags in Valorant, but he believes players “shouldn’t care” too much about their K/D scores because it’s not always indicative of a good performance.

Shroud is a massive fan of Valorant.

He thinks it’s so good, it could threaten the future of CSGO and has even urged CSGO pros like s1mple to switch games. Naturally, that means he plays it a lot too, and even though he finds the aim uncomfortable at times, he still frags people left, right, and center.

However, despite all the kills and impressive scores he gets, he thinks players shouldn’t care about it too much because it’s not really what the game is about. The topic came up when a viewer asked him how he feels when he has the lowest score on the team.

Shroud Valorant aim vs CS
Twitch: Shroud, Riot Games
Shroud thinks Valorant players shouldn’t care too much about K/D scores.

“It doesn’t matter what your score is. What matters is what happens for you to get that score,” he said. Then, he asked viewers to “break things down” and ask themselves questions like, “Why is your score the way it is?” or “Did you do something wrong?”

“If you feel like you’re doing your part, and you [can] tell you did good, it doesn’t matter if you went 6 and 20. You can do good without having a good score. That’s just how these games work. It’s a team game.”

For example, he described a hypothetical situation where a player isn’t getting many kills but is successfully creating  “so much space” for their team. In that case, he believes the player still did “good” even though their score might be dismal.

“A lot of people are all about what people’s scores are and whatever, [but] at the end of the game, who cares? Evaluate yourself based on what happened, not what your score line is at the very end.”

It’s easy for players to beat themselves up over a bad score.

But Shroud’s message is an important reminder that Valorant is a complicated game.

In his own words, it isn’t always about frags and high scores. It’s about working as a team to secure a win.