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Phantom or Vandal? Shroud explains which rifle to use in Valorant

Published: 28/Feb/2021 13:30 Updated: 28/Feb/2021 13:42

by Luke Edwards


It’s a debate as old as the game itself: should you buy the Vandal or Phantom in Valorant? If you’re still unsure, former CS:GO pro Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has explained when it’s best to buy each weapon.

Valorant has a plethora of weapons players can buy, but no two guns are as popular as the Phantom and Vandal. However, with both assault rifles two sides of the same coin, choosing which one to pick up can often be a pickle for players.

This isn’t a problem for other weapons. For example, the two SMG’s – the Spectre and Stinger – are different prices and provide different capabilities. The Stinger is good for running and gunning on eco rounds, whereas the Spectre is a good compromise for players who can’t quite afford a rifle.


But with both assault rifles costing 2,900 credits, players have a tougher decision to make. Each player has their preference between the Phantom or Vandal, usually defined by their individual playstyle. But Shroud has explained when it’s best to pick up which weapon.

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The Vandal is one of Valorant’s deadliest weapons.

When to use the Vandal

According to Shroud, the Vandal is a better choice if you can’t afford full armor as well as a top-tier weapon.

“I’m not going to buy 25 armor and a Phantom, no way,” he said. This is likely due to the Vandal being better for one-taps and shorter trades, which is a more optimal strategy if you don’t have armor.


The Vandal’s raw power and consistency over different distances make it a perfect option for more aggressive players who want to peak angles and be proactive in games.

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Many players were asking shroud when best to use the game’s other deadly rifle.

When to use the Phantom

If playing a more defensive map, character and position, then the Phantom is the one for you. Shroud explained how the Phantom is more useful when playing with smoke agents, like Omen or Brimstone, as it means you’re harder to locate when spraying.

“If I’m playing a site or spot that has a lot of smokes, like mid on Split, I’ll buy a Phantom,” he said.

The Phantom is also the former CS:GO pro’s choice of weapon when getting up close and personal, because it works very well at close range.


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“If I know I’m going to be tucked up in a corner, playing for my life, I’m going to buy a Phantom,” he added.

Of course, the most important thing is to pick a weapon you’re comfortable using. Both weapons have different spray patterns and rates of fire, so only ever buying one of them isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

But, if you’re already happy using both and want to learn some new tactics to keep enemies guessing, Shroud’s system could well take your game to the next level.