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Phantom or Vandal? Shroud explains which rifle to use in Valorant

Published: 3/Nov/2020 15:49 Updated: 3/Nov/2020 16:17

by Lauren Bergin


While shroud’s professional CS:GO days are long since over, his former expertise is coming in handy when playing Valorant. But, which of the two main rifles does he recommend?

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has become one of Twitch’s most iconic streamers, especially when it comes to FPS. Put a gun in his hands and he’ll likely dominate the enemy team with it, making their life an absolute misery. In this case, those guns were the Phantom and Vandal.

Viewers watched curiously as shroud managed to demolish the enemy team with the Vandal, but many asked why he hadn’t elected to use the Phantom as his weapon of choice.

Catching a glimpse of the comment shroud outlined the best circumstances for each rifle, but certainly gave his preference to one of the deadly weapons.

Riot Games
The Vandal has become one of the game’s deadliest weapons.

When to use the Vandal

According to shroud, the significant buffs to the Vandal make it completely unstoppable. Although buffed several patches ago on 1.07, shroud clearly noticed the new dominant potential that the weapon has.

Right at the start of the video, he explains that the Vandal has become his weapon of choice due to the potential of it, and therefore he uses it in most situations. While it is a map dependent weapon, it seems that the Twitch legend has adopted it into his arsenal.

The choice stirred up several questions, however, about when to use the Phantom.

Riot Games
Many players were asking shroud when best to use the game’s other deadly rifle.

When to use the Phantom

Shroud admits that the Phantom is also a strong pick within the Valorant meta, but that its usage is very different from that of the Vandal.

If playing a more defensive map, character and position, then the Phantom is the one for you. Shroud explains that if the map is full of pesky smoke bombs such as Omen’s or Viper’s, the Phantom is your best bet for being able to shoot through the smoke and remain undetected.

The Phantom is also the former CS:GO pro’s choice of weapon when getting up close and personal, because it works very well at close range.

Pretty much every FPS fan would love to play like shroud (but certainly not against). His expert aim obviously helps when using either weapon, but that’s not something anything but practice can solve.

So go ahead and try out some of his tips – he certainly knows what he’s talking about. If you don’t believe that, just watch the match – it’s all the proof you need.

World of Warcraft

Where to find WoW Shadowlands Enchanted Chest: Oaken Assembly

Published: 26/Nov/2020 10:49 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 10:50

by David Purcell


Blizzard have hidden Enchanted Chests in World of Warcraft Shadowlands that can be difficult to find, but not if you know exactly where to look. 

These chests contain items of differing rarities, which will be super valuable in your quest to power through the expansion’s latest tale. These crafting items are a rare commodity in the game as well, meaning there’s real value in finding these boxes across the world.

There’s one called the Enchanted Chest of Oaken Assembly, and that’s not the only one on the map to find. There’s actually four across the Ardenweald area, so the discovery doesn’t end here. Far from it.

How to get Enchanted Chests in WoW Shadowlands

shadowlands chest
Here’s how the Enchanted Chests appear in-game.

To make things as easy as possible, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Oaken Assembly Enchanted Chest in Shadowlands.

  1. Progress through the story until you’re able to visit Ardenweald.
  2. Visit Ardenweald, using Oribos’ portal if you’re traveling from a different location.
  3. Look between the Heart of the Forest and Dreamson Fenn, to the west, and that’s the area to search.
  4. Search near the waterfall, at the bottom, and you should find the chest around there.


If you’re wondering where to find it specifically on the map, this should help you out.

enchanted chest location shadowlands
Here’s where this Enchanted Chest can be found in Ardenweald. As you can see, it’s between both POIs.

There are a large number of elite enemies nearby, though. If you’re not a Rogue and able to sneak around easily, make sure to have your wits about you.

As noted, these chests have a bunch of different items inside of epic rarity, meaning it’s quite useful to collect as many as you can. With the world being so vast and wide, it’s sometimes difficult to predict where rare items will be waiting to be collected, especially with the vast majority of chests’ contents being RNG-based.

Instead, many players will decide to just see what they find in the routes they take. If you specifically want to hunt these Shadowlands Enchanted Chests down, this guide should help get you on the way to doing just that.