Shroud explains why Valorant makes him fear for the future of CSGO

shroud on cs:goValve/Shroud

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why the emergence of Valorant has caused him to fear for the future of CSGO.

Ever since Valorant was released, the same question has been asked repeatedly: will this be the game that will take down CS:GO as the king of FPS esports?

While CS Esports is still riding high, there have been some interesting developments. Several high-profile CS pros, as well as some who aren’t so well-known, have decided to jump ship to Valorant in a bid to progress their careers.

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As one of the most famous Counter-Strike pro players of all-time, and the third-biggest streamer on Twitch, Shroud’s opinion carries a lot of weight. On his Twitch stream, he warned that if CS devs at Valve don’t freshen the game up, it could end up being left to die.

Valorant Haven mapRiot Games
Valorant has become Shroud’s game of choice.

Shroud: “I worry for CS”

While discussing the KennyS to Valorant saga (which was ignited when the legendary AWPer tweeted a GIF of Valorant Agent Jett), shroud explained why he is worried for the future of Counter-Strike with the emergence of Valorant as a viable competitor.

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Shroud is concerned over the lack of new content in CS, compared to its Riot Games counterpart, and suggested on his Twitch stream that developer Valve may let the game die out naturally.

“What is CS gonna do? I worry for CS if they don’t do something new and nice,” he said. “I would not be surprised if they let CS die, but I would doubt it.”

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While most of the big-name CS-to-Valorant transfers have so far been largely confined to North America, Shroud expects big-name European pros like KennyS – who was recently dropped from G2 Esports’ roster – to make the move to Valorant. He added: “They will make the switch for sure, but maybe not yet.”

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Shroud stated before that Valorant will truly take off as an esport as soon as LAN tournaments enter the scene, and explained how CS:GO’s massive problems with cheaters makes Valorant increasingly appealing to FPS players.

With the first major Valorant LAN – VCT Masters 2 – scheduled to happen in May, you can keep an eye on which teams will be rumbling in Reykjavik on our dedicated hub.

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