Shroud explains why Valorant’s Chamber is just “a better Yoru”

Andrew Amos

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has given his verdict on Valorant’s newest Agent Chamber, claiming the Sentinel is just “a better Yoru” in a slight towards the Japanese duelist. However, the Twitch star also said Chamber feels “weird” to play.

After a two-week delay, Valorant’s 17th Agent Chamber has finally launched to much fanfare. With everyone instalocking the new Sentinel Agent in both ranked and casual games, players are slowly grasping how he works.

Shroud got the hang of things rather quickly though ⁠— which is to be expected of the former CS:GO pro.

After tinkering with his new abilities, he gave his verdict on the Sentinel, saying he could find a place in the meta as a brilliant site anchor.

Valorant man with large sniper weapon stands on a navy background with VALORANT written on it
Shroud said Chamber is just “a better Yoru” — although the Sentinel Agent is missing one key bit of utility.

In the practice range, shroud was amazed by Chamber’s Rendezvous ability, explaining how it can revolutionize how defenders can play sites.

“Look at how cool this is, man. You could be anchoring a site, get a kill, and get the f**k out,” he said on stream.

“This character is right up my alley, because I like anchoring, and if I have a way to anchor and still get away, that’s amazing. You can have these Killjoy-like bots [Chamber’s Trademark ability] watching your back too.”

He instantly labeled Chamber “a better Yoru” because of it, although slighted the fact Chamber doesn’t bring much in terms of utility compared to other Agents.

After jumping into a ranked game though ⁠— falling short in a 12-14 loss that featured an insane Round 23 clutch ⁠from the former CS:GO pro ⁠— his opinion on Chamber mellowed out a bit.

“I don’t know how useful [he’ll be]. He’s a very selfish Sentinel,” he stated. “This character is so weird. I’m uncomfortable!”

Between Chamber’s Headhunter “deagle”, Tour De Force “sniper”, and whatever other weapons you bring into the round, Shroud found it a bit difficult to juggle Chamber’s full arsenal.

“When you’re juggling those guns sometimes, you don’t know what gun you’re on,” he said.

As time goes on, players will find different ways to use Chamber outside of his insane arsenal of weapons. For now, they have to learn how to juggle all those guns on the fly.

And for those Yoru mains feeling slightly attacked by shroud’s comments, don’t worry: The Japanese duelist is set to get a rework in the coming patches.