Pokimane explains why “exhausting” Valorant experience makes her want to play less

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Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys revealed some of the reasons why she has been playing Valorant less than usual and dished out some harsh criticism for the teammates she gets paired with.  

Pokimane has been in love with Riot Games shooter Valorant since the game launched back in June of 2020 – even grinding her way to top rank in the game, Immortal.

In late October, the Offline TV member opened up about how her fixation on the game led her to reach Immortal rank. On her dedication to Valorant she explained: “I enjoyed just grinding my a** off in that game… I think it was seeing the progress that really felt good – especially progress in something that you are initially so clueless in.”

Although she still loves the game, Poki has a few criticisms of it, especially with some of the toxicity surrounding random teammates.

Pokimane grabs glasses on Twitch stream.
Pokimane explained why she took a step back from Valorant.

Why Pokimane is playing Valorant less

On November 14, Poki explained her stance on playing Valorant in its current state.

“I love Valorant so much, but I frequently feel like my life would be better off playing it less. Opening myself up to 4 other people’s toxicity & sexism every single game is simply exhausting,” she posted on her Imane Twitter account.

The streamer has opened up about toxicity and sexism she’s faced in the past while playing other video games competitively, and it’s clearly something that has not gone away.

Although she does love Valorant, the taxing nature of communicating with four random teammates does take its toll, and being at a high rank can prevent her from grouping up with friends to make things easier.

Fans of the Twitch star will be hoping that Poki can eventually get back to playing and enjoying the game she loves dearly.

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