Sentinels Valorant star SicK banned from Twitch following “erratic” behavior

Carver Fisher
SicK banned on Twitch

Since SicK’s return to streaming and his second arrest for criminal trespassing, he’s had behavior on Twitch that former teammate ShahZaM referred to as “erratic”. The Sentinels Valorant player has now been banned from Twitch.

News of Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims’ initial arrest came as a surprise to many, with the player being charged with criminal trespassing at a Ferrari dealership. While this shook up Sentinels’ Valorant roster, it also had fans concerned for SicK’s well-being.

Sentinels initially showed their support for the player after the first arrest, with CEO Rob Moore saying “Our goal is to support Hunter during this difficult moment.” Sentinels have yet to comment further on SicK following his second arrest.

The former Valorant star quickly returned to streaming, exhibiting “erratic” behavior while he was live and in his tweets since being released for the second time. Now, he’s been banned from Twitch.

Sentinels Valorant star SicK hit with Twitch ban

The reason for SicK’s ban is yet undisclosed, but those following his situation suspect it’s due to his recent behavior on stream and on social media.

Several pro players and figures in the Valorant community have pleaded with SicK’s fans not to propagate clips of his on-stream behavior due to what they perceive as him “not acting like himself.”

Despite this, SicK has continued to stream regularly and post about his recent purchases on Twitter. Replies to his posts are a mixture of confusion and concern from those still paying attention to his tweets.

He posted about, among other things, purchasing new vehicles, having his bank account frozen, and drug paraphernalia. All of these things have fans of his worried for his condition.

At the time of writing, SicK has yet to address his Twitch ban and it’s yet unclear whether it’s a temporary or permanent ban on his account.