ShahZaM insists Valorant star SicK is “not himself” amid erratic behavior

Shay Robson
SicK and ShahZaM wearing Sentinels jerseys

G2 Valorant player ShahZaM has insisted that his former teammate SicK is “not himself” amid erratic behavior on social media.

On May 7, ShahZaM put out a tweet urging fans to ignore his former teammate’s behavior — explaining that the Sentinels player “isn’t himself.”

“Hey guys, I have Sick blocked so I can make this tweet. He’s not himself right now, please try your best to ignore his tweets and erratic behavior for now,” he wrote.

“I promise this isn’t who he is. Thanks for being understanding.”

Earlier the same day, SicK posted a slew of tweets, several of them displaying erratic behavior. Among them included a photo of what appears to be marijuana, along with several glass bongs.

In a reply to the original tweet, he said: “Tsar bombs needed 400 million, please. The government must be abolished!!”

SicK was arrested in March following an altercation at a car dealership — where he was subsequently charged with criminal trespassing.

As reported by Dot Esports, his bail was set at $5,000, which was posted by Sentinels — who also paid for his sister to fly out and assist with his release from custody.

Following the arrest, SicK was internally suspended from Sentinels — where the organization then began looking for a replacement sixth man. However, it’s fair to say the absence of SicK has been a huge blow to Sentinels.

The organization’s star player TenZ needed to step down from the roster during Week 3 of VCT Americas split after picking up an injury. Naturally, the sixth man would fill in as a replacement, although with SicK also not being match-fit, Sentinels needed to look elsewhere for a replacement.

The organization signed Marved to the roster. However, the Canadian had yet to secure a visa to work in the United States, meaning TenZ still had to pick up his mouse and play despite his injury.

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