Valorant pro SicK apologizes for “offensive” tweets and seeks therapy


Valorant pro Hunter “SicK” Mims has apologized for his “offensive” tweets over the past month and announced he will be seeking therapy with some help from his org, Sentinels. 

When one of Sentinels’ roster mainstays, SicK, was arrested on March 4, it not only shocked the community but the team’s roster as well. His arrest kicked off a plethora of lineup shifts we saw throughout the Americas regular season. 

And over the last month, SicK’s behavior has been erratic, with former teammates publicly urging fans to not pay attention. His actions led him to not only getting arrested for a second time on May 8, but also being banned on Twitch. 

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However, after weeks of this behavior, SicK has now apologized to fans and assured he’s starting to get the help he needs.

“Over the past weeks I’m sure you’ve all seen some of my posts on social media,” he said on June 1, addressing the many tweets he has made of late. “Many of my comments went too far and I apologize for any offensive comments and I’ll be deleting those posts to address this issue.” 

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He further revealed he will be starting therapy with some help from Sentinels. “I’m going to start therapy next week which Sentinels has agreed to pay for and I’m motivated to get help as I seek to redefine my life going forward,” he wrote. 

“This will be a long journey so I anticipate that I’ll continue to make some missteps, but I appreciate the support as I try to work through all this.” he concluded.

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As for whether this will herald a return to Sentinels’ main roster, it’s obviously too early to say. However, if SicK remains on Sentinels as a content creator moving forward, he would not be the only former pro for the roster who is still signed on the org as a content creator. Zombs and Sinatraa are still technically partnered with the brand too.

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